Looking for a new, good CPU, need advice, Is it a good time to upgrde?

Hi, I currently have the pc with the following specs:

Core 2 Duo E6600
ATi HD 2900xt
2 Gb of corsair XMS2 RAM
ASUS P5W DH Deluxe motherboard

I was thinking of upgrading my cpu, the pc runs fine as of now, but on some game slike sup com...well it is clearly held back by the cpu.

I was looking into geting the(Wolfdale) E8500 clocked at 3.16 Ghz for the price of $189.99, since I think Quad cores are still expensive, and for the simmilar price I would get a 2.44 or around that clocked CPU(Yorkfield if im not mistaken).

I heard that the Wolfdale is a "middle" cpu, and a new (forgot the name) will come out in Q4 of this year, that will be better than Wolfdale, and will be priced similarly, also a 45nm cpu.....got out of the loop in around 2007 ;)

So my questione is as follows:
Should I wait till the new family of cpu's are released? Since with what I have now i think i can probably live ok (since i did built the rig in 2006, as soon as the e6600 came out, and I planned to upgrade in around 2009/2010, and I aded the 2900xt in 2007.).....and im deffinitively waiting for the new dx11 gpus that'll come out in 2009(the 5x00 ati series)

Thank You for any information.
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  1. Let me just starting by saying that the Q6600 is $189.99 on newegg, so the quads aren't really more expensive than dual cores at the moment. Also I believe spending $190 for a new E8500 to be a mistake, it is a great CPU indeed, but not worth a $200 upgrade over what you have.

    The upcoming CPUs will be based on Nehalem and will be a completely different socket and architecture (LGA 1366), that should be around Q4 2008.

    The best upgrade I would suggest is to get an E5200 and overclock it, you should be able to reach somewhere around 3.5Ghz without breaking a sweat, since it's an 800FSB 45nm wolfdale-based CPU, it should have a pretty good OC headroom
  2. wait.
  3. Umm...... Why don't you overclock your E6600 to 3.0Ghz or something?
  4. if you want a boost you should overclock the cpu you have now. or if you want to buy a new one, just wait
  5. wait for around 6-8 months and the price will definitely fall with launch of Nehalem around Q2 2009 while E8500 is a great cpu u should wait. Nehalem has a new socket so u should not consider Nehalem until AM3 is launched or fusion by AMD
  6. Overclock your current cpu for a free upgrade. If that still isnt good enough look some GPU charts and see if a graphics card upgrade will get you the frame rates you want
  7. upgrading ur grafix card would be better than going 3.15Ghz from 2.44Ghz.......if u need horsepower, go OC the CPU......ur cpu can do 3Ghz easily
  8. WAIT...

    Ive got an E6600 atm too and overclocked to 3.2ghz its formidable. get yourself a decent cooler and a new GPU will help you more.
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