Help me overclock my 7750

i am fairly new to overclocking so could you help me out?

7750 BE (200MHzX13.5)
4 gigs kingston hyperX (2X2GB) 1066 (@1066 5-5-5-18-31)
xp pro x64
jetway HA07 790GX/SB750 (no i couldnt unlock 4 cores)

ive gotten it to 3g stable with memory @800 (its barely stable @1066) by only increasing the multiplier and voltage to 1.4 (though it does fine @ stock voltage)

i have a stock HS/fan

can somebody also explain what all the setting are and what actually goes wrong when you crash because of overclocking

thanks alot :)
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  1. ok thanks
  2. how did you make out? I have the same chip, so I am curious as to how that worked out for you. I left mine alone at 3.0 using just the multiplier, if anything I will probably reduce the Vcore... but I am curious as to how high you could get it. I have heard people can temporarily maintain 3.2-3.4 but ultimately 3.0 is about as good as it gets. Although for $65 or less you can just buy a new one... great chip to start OC`ing:)
  3. i can keep it at 3.1 and its plenty stable

    ive gotten it to 3.2 @1.4 volt stable, i ran p95 for like 5 minutes and it didnt crash (temps got to 63 so i quit, hot summer day no AC in home)

    crysis runs so much better at 3.1 than 2.7 :)

    i have ram @1066 5-5-5-15

    how does your 250 do? i have a xfx 4850 1 gig (XFX rocks) and i heard they are about the same. i get ~15-45 fps (usually around 30) in crysis at 1280X1024 on high (DX9) (slight gpu oc, cpu @3.1)
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