Need help considering a pc case

Hi guys i need a case that would adequetly cool my rig and would look nice. My budget is 100$-150$.

And my rig is:

CPU: q6600 (would like to overclock)

VGA: geforce 8800gt

MB: asus maximus formula

and one hdd, one dvd, one pci card. that's it.

Hope you can help. Thanks.

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  1. I have this case on my sons PC. Very popular Air cooled case, okay wire management options and able to hold any of the new CPU coolers.

    Priced right too. I think this one doesn't have a PSU.
  2. antec 900 would be nice.
  3. Thanks guys the case looks nice but the price in my country is a bit too steep. I would be happy if someone would post an alternative. Thanks
  4. NXZT Tempest is close to the same as the 900 that might be cheaper.
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