Mobo recommendations for HTPC

I am going to build a HTPC very soon now, but I am not sure which mobo to buy. These are the components I am considering:

Core 2 E5200
Geil value 4gb ram (2x2)
HIS Radeon HD 4650 512 MB Heatpipe
Seagata Baracuda 7200.11 500 gb
Thermalright Ultra Xtreme 120
Nexus Real Silent Case Fan*2
Antec Three Hundred
MIST Modular 500W

I would like to purchase a relatively cheap mobo ($60-$100) that can output SPDIF-sound (preferably 24 bit, multichannel is not required). I know that the HD4650 supports 8-channel LPCM through HD, but my audio receiver does not currently support this, and hence the demand for SPDIF sound output.

The power supply is also up for discussion. I know this MIST model is supposed to be quiet, but I don't know if there has been some new innovations in this area the last 2 years.
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  1. Check out the asus P5QL-em for around $110 at newegg. Or, 3b tech has an old socket 754 board, the asus k8u-x with spdif connector for only $26.95. It uses ddr memory and an agp video card.
  2. Thanks! This seems like a good choice, and I believe I will go for a variant of this.
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