will CORSAIR 650w TX run a 4870x2

my new build will be

asus p45
q6600 o 3.2
2x2g ocz reapers
seagate 500g 32mb cache
samsung 22x cd/dvd burner
antec 900

Will the corsair 650w TX run every thing and OC with enough power or do I NEED the 750w version?
Id like ot save the 20bucks but not if i am going to need it.

lastly what are the warrenties on this stuff? I couldnt find em.
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  1. Corsair PSUs have a 5 year warranty. Video card warranties vary by manufacturer (and sometimes by model).
    Diamond 4870 has 1 year warranty and VisionTek 4870 has limited lifetime warranty.
    4870x2 power requirements aren't known yet. 3870x2 GPUs had a recommended PSU size of 550watts (from Sapphire 3870x2 System Requirements http://www.sapphiretech.com/us/products/products_overview.php?gpid=209&grp=3 _
  2. Should be fine for an HD 4870X2 as it can handle HD 4870 crossfire.
  3. It'll boot up at idle, but crash at full load. Remember, only a part of the total 650w is routed to 12v rails, which runs cpu, gpu, hdds, basically everything. Also, 650w is energy draw from the wall, Even the best psu does not exceed 80% efficiency under realistic conditions. Not to mention effect of aging further cuts output.

    A q6600 at stock 2.4ghz draws 105w, when oced, it can draw more than 200w on full load across all cores. Efficiency drops as vcore increase.

    Hdd is also a constant drain. And while the dvd drive runs on next to nothing while idle, it can become significant when burning.

    It's not just the 4870s the 12v rail out of the psu is powering.
  4. you are a mrsbytch
  5. dagger said:
    Also, 650w is energy draw from the wall, Even the best psu does not exceed 80% efficiency under realistic conditions.
    That's wrong. PSUs are rated as DC output and not energy drawn from the wall. If the Corsair was 80% efficient and it the PC components pulled 500watts from the PSU you'd see the PSU drawing 600watts at the wall socket.

    The best guess right now is that a 4870X2 will pull ~250W compared to 2x 4870CF pulling ~245W
    If that turns out to be accurate your spec'd PC should draw between 450-500watts when gaming.
  6. THG Taiwan scored some early intel (*snicker*) on the 4870X2:

    from: http://www.tomshardware.tw/596,news-596.html

    Based on that info the Corsair 650TX will have plenty of power for your OC'd Q6600, 4870X2.
  7. ok great, thanks. whats better tho the corsair 650tx with 1 giant 12v rail or the OCZ 700w game xtream with 4 12v rails. ???
  8. 1 rail is generally superior to multiple rails, but in many cases the difference won't ever be noticed. The Corsair is higher quality then the OCZ, so I'd stick with the Corsair.
  9. The X2 version may pull a bit more power than 4870 XFire. Personally, I'd suggest the TX-750w for a little head room and peace of mind.
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