What the problem of neo lcd screen is no display?

my laptop is no display....
i think my lcg screen is problem...
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  1. Probably is, is there absolutely no image or can you see a very faint image but with no back-light. If you hook up an external monitor to it does it give you the display.

    Nothing that can be done here to fix it, you need to bring it into a shop to fix, or fix it yourself. If the laptop is more than 3-4 years old, probably be worthwile to just replace it as fixing it would be close to the cost of a new laptop anyway.
  2. Close the lid while the computer is on.
    Open the lid and see if it lights up for a second before going dark.

    Too many laptops use a magnetic reed switch on the mainboard and an over-powerful magnet in the lid that switches the reed switch when the door is closed. The reed switch finally succumbs to such a powerful magnetic force that it warps causing the backlight to stay off.

    If you slide a screwdriver around the top edge of the lid a magnet might be found. That shows where on the mainboard the reed switch is located and may need to be replaced.

    Use another magnet and slide it back and forth across the top of the computer below the keys in the area the magnet will have it's effect and see if the light comes on or not, (if a magnet was detected in the lid).

    Or, the light is no good and you need a new screen.
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