Cant Install Drivers, Installing Card Screws Up Vista

So I have Vista Ultimate on my computer and had onboard graphics for a while. No problems at all, it ran flawless.

I bought a PNY Verto 512mb 9600GT Video Card and lots of things went wrong.

After I installed the card these things happen

1.Sleep option is greyed out, no sleep option in power options.
2. Cant install video card drivers, says no supported device found - both from cd drives and beta/released drivers online.
3. Under device manager - Display Adapter menu is now gone, and under System Devices - PCI Express Standard Root Port has a "!". Turns out there is a Code 12 - This device cannot find enough free resources for it to use.

But im running the monitor off the video card and it works fine. Ive reinstalled the OS and reset CMOS but still nothing.
Does anybody have any ideas?

E8400 CPU
ECS 7050VT-M Mobo
Vista Ultimate OS
500GB Western Digital HD
PNY Verto 9600GT 512MB Video Card
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  1. Replace your ECS board....Did you get from Fry's? Can't trust that board...
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