GPU overheating ? need solution

Hey folks,

couple of days ago i bought a new 550w corsair PSU to go with my new MSI HD4870. I use the temperature monitor in the software and before i modified the fan speed it was 55c idle and hit 70c after only 30-40 minutes of gaming with the fan at 20%.

I am aware of the 4870's heat it produces and that the companies set the standard fan speed low. I dont like the sound the fan makes when setting fan speed on the GPU up to 30%+ i feel like i am ruining the fan fast.

I am also aware of the damage the GPU's heat could spread to other components and cause damage. would 30% fan speed on this GPU cause any problems over the first few months ?

My current case is a rather old ATX CASE:

My knowledge is limited when it comes to cooling and heatsinks and wouldnt't know any solutions to implement that could reduce the work on the GPU fan and improve general cooling, can anyone offer me any solutions to my problem?

Thanks in advance! :)
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  1. download rivatuner and manually set the fan speed when 3d mode is used to say 80%, that should cool the card better
    also you could try to drill some holes in the side of your case to mount a fan since you have some mesh on the lower part of the side panel and use it as an intake for frsh air near the video card
  2. i have rivatuner @ about 30% when on games and it is loud, have you heard a 4870 at 80%, it sounds like a plane taking off :p

    Current fan on circular mesh of case near CPU:

    i also have a small and im guessing very cheap fan that connects with a little white plug into the motherboard where the mesh is below on the case, these fans do provide slight cooling.

    can anyone reccommend anything to replace these or is there anything i can add to my computer to increase cooling, sorry for my lack of knowledge.

    My graphics card fan facing the side of case with no fans .. is this on purpose or a case/gfx card design flaw

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide !
  3. well, i would replace the very cheap fan with a 120mm fan (you might have to drill holes for this), you can probably get a 2000rpm fan

    i have a 4870 and haven't had any problems with overheating, though your temps aren't that bad, 70c at load
  4. Your fan speed should be completely temperature controlled. If you can't do that you need to leave it set to it's default settings.

    If your really that concerned void your warranty and get an aftermarket graphics card cooling solution.

    It's also important to have good cooling on the rest of your system. Aside from your PSU fan, I recommend you have at least one very quiet 120mm case fans that run at a CONSTANT speed. Two very low flow 120mm fans would be very quiet and move out the heat.

    Many people make the mistake of trying to make their computer quiet by limiting the number of fans. It's better to have three 120mm fans spinning slowly than less, smaller fans that have to spin high to move the heat.

    Ideally, I'd have something like this for your system:
    1) 2x120mm case fans (as quiet as possible; CONSTANT low speed)
    2) PSU fan (Airflow should be from OUTSIDE to OUTSIDE. Don't force hot air from the case through your PSU)
    3) graphics card fan (ideally blows most of the heat out the rear of the case; temperature controlled)
    4) CPU (large heatsink + 120mm fan combo; motherboard temperature controlled)

    You also want to make sure you have your power savings features on such as "Cool 'n Quiet" for AMD. Fan control and Cool 'n Quiet are two separate things but they work together. Cool 'n Quiet drops the voltage and CPU speed when not needed so the heat is lower which causes the fan control to lower the fan speed.

    *If you minimize the case heat your graphics card fan won't spin as fast. I still didn't quite understand what you did but you MUST, MUST have a temperature controlled graphics solution for the fan.
  5. At 30% it isn't too bad. Now a 120mm Tornado case fan that moves 200CFM, that is like a plane taking off. Seemed like a good idea when I was overclocking my duron 900 back in the day, but anyway........

    like mindless said you can replace your case fan. You may also want to consider cutting vents on the side towards the front to allow air to come in. Another option is to put a fan over your GPU to increase the air that gets to it. You can do that with a drill and a hole saw. Of course, don't be drilling or cutting your case with any of your components inside because those little metal shavings could give you a few problems ^_^
  6. Thank you for your suggestions

    however i dont really want to be modifying my case by sawing, just aiming for fan replacements ideally,

    If i had to take all my hardware out to saw the case i'd be much happier replacing the case altogether for better airflow, i just wouldnt know how to fit all my hardware back in (lack of knowledge)

    Photon, when you say "Your fan speed should be completely temperature controlled"
    do you mean for example 60c fan speed 30%, 65c fan speed 40% and so on or am i missing the point? I used rivatuner to set fan to auto using this guide:

    however i wasnt sure what values to assign the GPU fan and therefore only know how to adjust the overall fan speed (currently 43% duty cycle).
  7. I am also aware of the damage the GPU's heat could spread to other components and cause damage. would 30% fan speed on this GPU cause any problems over the first few months ?

    untrue ;)
  8. Your best bet is replace all front/back/side fans with something better, higher speed. You'll learn to live with the noise. And you should use Riva to increase fan speeds somewhat.

    It's the price we pay for more power, so games etc are better. Even if you were to buy a very popular gaming case (Antec 900 V2 or others), you still have a loud fan on the GPU. Please look at aftermarket GPU cooling. Start at Thermalright, there are others, but Thermalright will never do you wrong.
  9. thats not bad at all i have 4870's in cf and the stock cooler card with default fan speed and clocks will hit 80c at idle and even start to throttle when playing games :P i need its fan speed set to 50% all the time to avoid this :P, theres no dust in case or spare room for fans or better cooling i just have to live with noise :P, also i cba to buy a 3rd party cooler
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