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Hey, I just bought a Seagate Momentous 2.5" hard drive. However, I want to transfer some files from my old hard drive into the new one. I was wondering if I should buy a Sata to usb cable. But I don't know if there is difference between Sata for a laptop drive (2.5") and Sata for a desktop (3 something "). I don't want to buy the wrong cable.

Can anyone help me?
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  1. A SATA laptop hard drive uses the same connections, but you also need a SATA power cable. I'd suggest an enclosure. They're a lot safer than just having the bare drive on your desk. A 2.5" SATA enclosure should work perfectly for what you are describing.
  2. Ok. I was looking for 2.5" Sata Enclosures on the internet and I came across a few, however, many of them did not supply a power cable along with the enclose, nor did the enclose have holes for a power cable. It just came with a usb cable. Is that used for both the power and transmission of data?
  3. Yes. And if you order one, make sure that it is a SATA version not an IDE version.
  4. Ok, thanks. However, I was just wondering why some Sata enclosures come with a power adapter while others don't.

    Can anyone tell me?
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