Stacker 830 or HAF 932

Well I'm one of those guys that thinks your computer should look as good as it runs... well the new CM HAF 932 was released and it looks really promising. And it's only $160! [excuse me for my poor grammar] Ok well, I already have the CM Stacker 830, and I can't decide whether I should keep it, or sell it and use the money to buy the HAF 932, which will most likely cover that and a new 650w PSU. I'm, kinda leaning towards the HAF because of the ease of installing watercooling which I will do in a year or so, but maybe someone will change my mind on Tom's?

Things I Like About them

CM Stacker-
All Aluminum
Comes with 1kw PSU
Front Door
Came with a mousepad[doesn't count cause ill be keeping it!]
Mesh Panels, with a side bracket that can hold 120mm fans[could be a nuisance at times]
motherboard tray, abiliyt for btx, reverse atx

3 230x30mm fans, bringing down the sound without compromising airflow[4x120mm for side bracket optional]
ability to house watercoolign without major modding
bottom mounted psu
clear window AND mesh window for fan
the motherboard tray is not removable but has a section open so you can easily mount a cpu HSF without removing the motherboard

I can't reall ythink of anything else... srry for the long post.. any suggestions?
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  1. bump?no1? =[ ill repost in a couple weeks i guess
  2. Well, I have the CM 830 as well. I would have a hard time going from my case to the HAF 932. The 932 is a good looking case and maybe if I didnt already own the 830 I would definitely consider that case.

    Personally I think its a downgrade but if you are tired of your current case maybe you should change. I think I would keep the 830 around even if you get the 932 so you can go back to what you had if you start getting regrets.

    If it was me I would stay with the 830...
  3. wow, well that HAF sure does look good, but i still think the stacker is the ultimate case.

    the 932 look like a all ALU cosmos.

    either way i'm sure they are both good choices,
  4. in terms of cooling, the 830 doesn't do too well when put to antec cases... the four 120mm fans on the side have little effect on the cooling, and probably have a bigger effect on CF/SLI solutions, but i want to move away from that trend...for now at least...

    i gues ill check it out in a hardware shop and hope they have it in display or something...and no i don't have the money nor the space the keep both
  5. What are your temps? Im @ 99*F all day long running my Q6600 @ 3Ghz with two 8800GTX ANS3 video cards. But Im also running a TEC cooler so it may not be a fair comparrison:
  6. Well, as most people, i have an overheating x38 maximus formula se... yeah the nb hits about 55C during gaming, the cpu hits about 45C[its a dual core e4500 btw on a artic freezer pro 7], the sb hits about 50C I'm assuming because the heatpipe is just heating the sb up... and my video cards [2900xt's] on load is about 75C

    ambient temp is abotu 23.9C =[.... i replaced all the TIM on the fusion block with MX-2, and i think i did an acceptable job, but it only dropped a few C's
  7. on idle its about
    nb 43C
    cpu 33C
    sb 40C
    2900xt's 55C

    on same ambient... im using asus pc probe II btw, never really tried anything else
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