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So i realized recently that while i know a good deal about most components in a system, the one i know the least about is heat sinks. So where would you guys suggest going to learn about heat sinks and heat sink reviews? I spend most of my time over in home built and have been noticing that when people ask about coolers i just dont know, time to fix that. Any suggestions are welcome.
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    Dude... you gotta spend some of your time in overclocking. Thats the best part!!

    I would go to for HSF reviews. If you have any other questions you can pm me, i know alot about heatsinks.
  2. Well i finally built myself a system that i can overclock, previous one was a P4 northwood from HP with a totally locked up bios so that wasnt happening. Now i have a nice AMD BE so its time to tinker but really im just curious what makes the good heat sinks good and i enjoy learning as much random semi useful crap as i can.
  3. ^ I share the same "need" for knowledge myself.

    What makes a good heatsink traditionally is the amount of heatpipes and what is in the heatpipes.
  4. Yes, has loads of heatsink reviews, and some good rating charts.
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