ati 4850 overheat

I have a question to the general comunity.

Im really worried about my new sapphires 4850 running in crossfire. The case boiling, and the GPUs must be over 100 C!

i wanted to try riva tuner but it dont support those new gpus. any dea how to find out, and eventually cool the gpus?
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  1. The fans do not spin fast enough by default so to mod the fan speed (On Vista and i think XP)....

    -Open CCC (Catalyst Control Center) click manage profiles, type a name for it, click save

    -Open the .../ATI/ACE/Profiles folder and open your profile with notepad.

    -Look for this.....and change from AUTOMATIC to MANUAL

    "<Feature name="FanSpeedAlgorithm_0">
    <Property name="FanSpeedAlgorithm" value="Manual" />"

    - Then look for this.....and enter the Percent fan speed you want in the value box

    "<Feature name="FanSpeedPercentTarget_0">
    <Property name="Want" value="45" />

    -Now open CCC and click profile->Activate

    ......And you should be good to go!
  2. You do realize that you don't state a question, right?

    I think what you're asking about is how you find what the temps are?

    If you go into the Catalyst Control Center you'll want to click on the "ATI Overdrive" tab and then it'll show you the temps on the right side of the page. As far as controlling the fan speed, there really isn't a program that allows you to do so at this point. There is a way to change the fan speed but I'll let you search for it and figure that out for yourself. You basically have to change things in the VGA BIOS or change parts of the drivers programing. I'd honestly just wait it out and leave things the way the are, but that's just me. These cards DO run on the hotter side, but they won't die from the heat they produce unless you get some kind of card that has some kind of defect, or your case has really crappy air flow. G80 cards were just as hot and they didn't die from it either.

    EDIT: helios2052 beat me to it while I was typing this crap up, lol good work man.
  3. The Asus 4850 come with a program called smart doctor which will let you control both cards in crossfire. If you get a different brand you can flash the bios with an asus one and then if you get your hands on the program it will work. My card alone overheats in farcry crysis and i get random small dots of color.

    Just to let you know if i were you i would wait for the 4850x2. They will drop the price of video cards.
  4. What i read to date is about 4870x2. I have not seen any official news or update pertaining to 4850x2. I'm waiting for the 4870x2 .....

    With respect to the heat on 4850....
    1) Its given that the 4800 runs hot. With this are there any requirements on the PC_Case to boost the exhaust to bring the added heat out from 4850?

    Cats_paw did not specify what PC_Case he is using.

    Case like Antec 900 won't have issue dealing with the added heat from a 4850.

    2) The 4870 card is designed to push the hot air out (at the back of the pc_case). Forcing COOL air inside will reduce/contain the temp of video card. Again PC_case with excellent COOLING design wont have an issue with the 4800 board.

  5. I have let the fan control on the 4870 do its auto thing, it starts slow, but works it way up to nearly 30% in demanding games or benchmarks leaving the card around 82-84. The 4850 runs a hit hotter, but it honestly should not hurt the card.

    Be warned to set a fan speed of over what the card needs in demanding games. By default the card will auto adjust, but in manual if the card gets too hot the fan will just stay at the same speed.
  6. thx for help guys, id like to ask 1 more thng if possible. I heard that water cooling is many times crap due to the fact they cool a small part, not the entire gpu. Do u guys know any way i could keep the temp lower (cosiderating a 200E budget)?

    Thx for the CCC idea, do i have to UNLOCK the OC thingy, or i can do it elsewere?
  7. Sry, aslo im quite noob in this, could you tell me (helios2052) where is more exactly that? (i eman what is the first folder i should look for, withouth the "program files" or "user choosen" folder), and more precicely the changes on the notepad. Thx
  8. To change fan speed, you have to activate overdrive(overclock if you want, its not needed to adjust fan speeds).

    Hit Profiles -> Profiles Manager.

    Once in there type a name and hit save.

    Now goto your saved profiles folder.



    C:\Documents and Settings\yourloginnamegoeshere\Local Settings\Application Data\ATI\ACE\

    and edit the .xml file with your profile name.

    Look for

    <Feature name="FanSpeedAlgorithm_0">
    <Property name="FanSpeedAlgorithm" value="Automatic" />

    And change it to

    <Feature name="FanSpeedAlgorithm_0">
    <Property name="FanSpeedAlgorithm" value="Manual" />

    Next find. its nice and close

    <Feature name="FanSpeedPercentTarget_0">
    <Property name="Want" value="5" /> <- The number seems to vary

    Change the value="5" to value="45" or whatever number you want.

    Save the file. then in the CCC click Profiles -> Activate Profile -> your profile.

    You should clearly hear the fan speed up.

    I am not sure how this works on crossfire cards.
  9. I saved my profie, but i found no profile with that name (i used windows search since i could not find the folder u told me about). I have my ATI folders in "program files" i have ATI, and ATI Technologies (in the second 1 there is a folder called ATI.ACE) but none more, and no profiles.

    Also searched for .XML files, and only found 3 from Crysis and 40 from my internet provider. Any idea whats wrong? :D
  10. Rolf, wait its hidden :D
  11. Found it, Thx, really helped mate.
  12. I would also recommend taking off the heatsinks and cleaning off the stock thermal paste from the GPU and heatsink and then putting on high quality thermal paste that you would use for a CPU if you are able to do so with confidence. I did that with my 4870 and got a 10C drop. If the fan alteration works well and you aren't comfortable taking your video cards apart, then I would stick with what you have now.

    Your second concern is the case temps. Even though your GPUs will be running cool, you are still dumping the same amount of heat into your case as before. I don't know what case you have but you can purchase more fans and replace your current ones with fans that run at faster RPMs so that you can better vent your case. Good luck.
  13. What if i have an Antec 900? Do I need more fans for 4850's in CF?
  14. You do not need anything. The side fan on the 900 blowing into the cards will help. The cards are tuned to run quieter, thus hotter. The cards should increase the fan speed on there own as the heat builds up.

    If you are worried, but use the profile trick.
  15. Zero: The 900 works very well with the two 120mm fans blowing right at the cards (if you hook up the fan in the black case in back of the drive bays). That fan makes it a tight fit when you plug the power cables into the video card but it all fits.

    The fans all have low-med-high switches so I guess if you can cope with a louder case you could crank them all up if you haven't already. The 900 moves so much air though you are probably good to go even on the low settings.

    The nukemaster is right though...manual control of the VGA fan is the best way to go IMO. People are using ASUS TOP bios flashes in order to avoid the profiles but I wouldn't do that unless you know how to get yourself out of a bad flash.
  16. I have an old thermaltake V2000A (7 80MM fans, quite ****).
    Im thinking of buying a new 1 but cant decide what to get.
    i dont know if i should go for an ALL-In-One Water cooling system with a case like Kandalf LCS+the gpu blocks for water cooling, or something like Cooler Master Cosmos S/Thermaltake Armor+ (with all 140MM fans installed, all stronger than the ones that come with the case itself+TRUE lapped with also 2 Fans, 120M in this case)
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