Will I see a difference in overclocking?

This is my first time trying to overclock, I am trying to overclock my e5200 in my ga-g31m-es2l. I have 2 option for memory. I have either a single stick of corsair pc2 6400 2gb ram or the same kind of ram but it's a 2gb(1gb X 2) pc2 6400 corsair ram. Which will give me better overclocking result? Thanks in advance!
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  1. What are you trying to do with your computer?

    personelly i would get 4 GB atleast.
  2. I main goal is trying to OC the system as much as I can, right now the highest I can OC is at 3.5 ghz with just 1 stick of 2gb ram, if I change to 1GB x 2, will I see any improvement? If I were to put another 2gb of the same ram, which I have on another computer, would I be able to overclock even higher? Thanks
  3. You wont see a difference when you are overclocking if you set your memory multiplier to "unlinked". This means the CPU speed is not affected by the mem speed.

    So the short of it is just set your mem multi. to "unlinked".
  4. You are oc'ing that Cpu to get better performance.But do you think it will perform well without good amount of RAM?
    As others have suggested buy 4 GB ram.
    2GB is not enough these days.
    YOU can buy 2X2 Gb
  5. While of course 4gb of mem would be ideal, without spending any money though, you would get more performence using the 2x1gb sticks since this will allow the system to run in dual channel mode. As far as overclocking alone is concerned, unless you are trying to get the uber crazy overclock, running 2 sticks will be the same as running just one.
  6. If your mobo has only 2 ram slots (like mine) then it won't be a good decision to buy 2X1 sticks as when you will feel the need of 4gigs ram those 2 will be wasted.
  7. Thanks for all the reply, I guess I will just wait when I have more money and buy another 2gb ram. Thanks!
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