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I am currently running a Core2Duo E6300 (Socket 775) overclocked at 3 Ghz (from 1.8 Ghz). I use air cooling: Arctic Freezer 7 Pro. Unfortunately one the push pins of the heatsink broke off, due to mishandling on my part. Thus, the heatsink is now kind of "shaky" and when I am moving the case of my computer just a little bit, it may fall off. I decided to get a new cooler with better performances, instead of trying to fix this one.

I want an air cooler (with heatsink) which has:

a) a good performance
b) is not too loud
c) is not too heavy or big
d) is not too pricey
e) is a good investment for the future, meaning it should fit on a socket 1366 mainboard as well (AM3 support would be a plus)

Can you suggest me around 5 coolers, which fit my requirements?

Thanks alot for your help.

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  1. Here are your choices...
    Xig Dark Knight
    Scythe Mugen 2
    Sunbeam CCTF 120MM(Needs a retention for the LGA1366 socket)

    Rest of the choices are priced higher and might not give better performance than these coolers...
  2. I would go for the CCF, but let me add a few more.

    The megahalem.

    The titan ttc
  3. @ChrisR34000, You have got the the O/C guru answer you... :P
    If I were you I would stick with his suggestions when it comes with overclock... ;)

    And this question is to overshocked-->
    Does the Scythe Mugen 2 hold good against the CCTF ??? I saw a article on xbits which had the special mention of the Scythe for its performance and price...but that article dint have the CCTF...So there was not direct comparison in performance between these 2...
  4. Hi!

    Thank you very much for your posts, I appreciate it alot.

    @gkay and overshocked: The Sunbeam cooler is not available in Germany.

    The Megahalems is too expensive for my purposes: 55 Euros.

    Which Titan TTC did you have in mind? There a few of them.

    I have made the following list:

    1) Xigmatek Dark Knight S1283 ~ 42 Euros
    2) Scythe Mugen 2 ~ 38 Euros
    3) Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus ~ 28 Euros
    4) Arctic Cooling Freezer Xtreme ~ 25 Euros
    5) Xigmatek S1283 Red Scorpion ~ 32 Euros
    6) OCZ Vendetta 2 ~ 32 Euros
    7) Xigmatek HDT-S1283 ~ 28 Euros
    8) Scythe Shuriken Rev. B ~ 25 Euros

    Why would you prefer the Dark Knight or the Mugen 2 over the others?
  5. +1 for the Xigmatech Dark Knight.
  6. Ok!

    I just meassured my case and the Mugen 2 will not fit in.
    According to the specs of the Mugen 2, it has a height of 158 mm. The case has a width of 185 mm, from which you have to subtract the height of the mainboard, the space between mainboard and case and the height of the CPU.
  7. @Gkay..

    The sythe mugan holds a temp of about 19.5 above idle and the CCF hold it at about 16c.
  8. Really? Links? I thought the Scythe was better than the CCTF.

    ^Keep in mind... there are alot of heatsinks that will cool better than the CCF. But i like the CCF because:
    1. it is cheap

    2. There are a number of mods u can do to it to drop the temps by like 6-8c
  10. What mods? I like to see mods!! :P
  11. ^Lapping, better fan, bolting it in by getting rid of the push pins,etc.
  12. Shadow703793 said:
    ^Lapping, better fan, bolting it in by getting rid of the push pins,etc.

    You just about got them all but you forgot about making a duct to direct the airflow across the HSF. [:lectrocrew:6]
  13. Quote:

    You just about got them all but you forgot about making a duct to direct the airflow across the HSF.

  14. Bought the Mugen 2. I am very pleased with it. Thanks all!
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