E8200 with P5Q SE/R Mobo

Hi all,

Here we go: I just swapped my old Pentium D 945 + $50 for a Core 2 Duo E8200, and I'm very happy. However, I tried to overclock it: it o/ced well till 3.2GHz (8x400MHz), but it failed for 3.2GHz+ (BSOD) and I don't know what the problem is. I've heard that a lot of people have overclocked it to 3.8GHz and more. So I just wanted to know if you guys could help me figure out what the problem is.
Everything is stock voltage, so if I need to raise any voltage, tell me.. but I don't want to fry my hardware :ouch:
I would also like to know if my computer is good for gaming.


CPU: Core 2 Duo E8200 stock 2.66GHz (C0 stepping) [Currently @ 3.2GHz but wants more :)]

CPU Cooler: Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro

Ram: KINGSTON KVR800D2N5K2/4G ValueRAM PC2-6400 4GB 2X2GB DDR2-800 NON-ECC CL5 240PIN DIMM DC Kit

Motherboard: P5Q SE/R (P45 chipset)

GPU : BFG 9800GT OC+

OS: Vista x64

PSU: X-Supply 450W

HDD: IDE PATA 250GB Seagate
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  1. I also don't know if it's the RAM or the CPU, because when I raise the FSB, it also raises the RAM speed...

    Sorry for the double post.
  2. Can you unlink the RAM and just OC the CPU?
  3. No, I can't, since it's an Intel Chipset... we can only unlink with nvidia chipsets I think... but do you think it's the RAM? If it's so, I'll just change the RAM for OCZ PC-8000 5-5-5-18 4GB kit...
  4. you should be able to unlink the ram and fsb...
  5. Yeah, i think you can still unlink the ram.
  6. set the ram's multi to a 1:1 ratio. If it's DDR2 800 then at 1600MHz FSB is all that you can expect unless you get a higher ram like DDR2 1066. Also you may want to increase your NB and FSB termination voltages a step. Don't go to crazy with the FSB termination. And if your voltages are at auto. That is another thing you'll have to change. Your CPU should run at 3.2GHz at like 1.275v or less because the E8400 C0 that I have has a 1.2v VID.
  7. put the memory at a 1:1 ratio thats all you need i had corsair xms ddr2 800 running this @ 3.6 and that overclocked the mem to 900 so you really shouldnt have a problem
  8. :bounce: It's a trick to do it but here

    CPU= e8200 Oced @ 3.92Ghz
    mobo= Asrockp45xe
    Ram= Dominator cd8500 1066Mhz 2x 4GB Oced
    Graphics= VTX HD 4770 Oced
    Sata2 160GB Drive Barracuda 7200 rpm

    Strap= 400
    Ram= 333Mhz or 1.1 if 3 0r (4 settings avialable then should b lowest)
    Default for Ram timmings = 5-5-5-15 44 3-2-2-2
    NB= 1.42v
    SB= Auto
    GLRef= auto
    Vtt= 1.22v
    PLL= 1.82v
    Vcc= 1.42v (Vcore)
    That's it I managed above 3.92GHz
  9. Yes. The original problem was that you were inadvertently overclocking your RAM. That really doesn't accomplish much except to increase system instability.

    Overclocking RAM:
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