P35 Platinum BIOS shows no CD-ROM in Startup Choices

I have been using this P35 board for a while with no problems. Now I have added SATA drives to all SATA ports(5) and have installed the DVD-RW drives on the IDE Pri/Sec cable.
Now when I go into the CMOS to select start up sequence of devices; the DVD-RW drives are not showing. The floppy and 4 USB camera chip ports and SATA drives show only.
Have I exceeded my limit of available devices.
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  1. Not sure. Check the position of your slave/master jumpers on your optical ide drives. You may need to alter their positions so that one drive is set to master and the other is set to slave.
  2. Thanks for your response. I checked my jumpers on the 2 DVD-RW drives and they are set to Cable Select. I see them show up when I do a POST. I am concerned because I might need to boot from one of the DVD drives. Do you think clearing CMOS would correct the problem?
  3. just set the jumpers according to the cable...

    like whichever ones master set the jumpers to master and slave is set to slave.

    i had the same problem as you with a hard drive and a dvdrom and it was fixed by setting the jumpers.
  4. I finally got the problem resolved. The number of items that the menu would display in the BIOS startup options menu was limited to 12. The floppy was always number 1 and the USB camera chip module would always displayed 4 separate devices along with all of the other SATA drives attached. The USB camera chip and SATA devices took priority over the DVD drives and there was no room left for them to display. I unplugged the USB camera chip module because I have another way of downloading pictures from my camera rather than use the USB Chip reader. Now the DVD drives are visible on the startup options menu and that is what I needed. Thank you for all of your suggestions. I did change the jumpers on the DVD drives to Master and Slave but that did not allow them to appear on the list. I guess MSI chose to limit the maximum number of startup devices to 12.
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