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Hi there.

I have a RAID 0 config currently controlled by NVidia RAID via my mobo. If I move this config to a PCI controller, will I lose the data on my drives or will it carry over?


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  1. You will need to backup the drive to another disk and restore it once you have moved your drive.
  2. Hi baddad,

    I thought that would be the case. I don't have the storage to back this RAID config up, so I'm happy to leave it where it is and connect my new system drive to the RAID controller (assuming this will work?), which I only really bought to give me more SATA connections then the two on my mobo.
  3. Make a drive image( c:\) using Acronis True Image. You can save it DVD, Blue Ray Disc, USB. IN case of DVD-disc for example you may need multiple of it.

    You have the option of saving it on network shared drive.

    When you mount the new raid drive you can restore the image file from the old raid drive.
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