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To make second hard drive work if one stops

our profesor asigned us a work to do
so with 2 hard drives working at the same time // so the answer is how we may configure the computer so if one stops gets a fatal error or somethink like that working it continues working with the another i hope i find some answers here :)
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  1. RAID 0
  2. thanks man i searched it and i found some very interesting thinks but why RAID 0 and not RAID 1 +0 ?
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    Don't fall for it. It is a RAID 1 you want. A RAID 0 has NO redundancy! Look it up on Google!

    RAID 0 allows striping. It's very fast, uses two drives, but when one fails, you loose all data on both drives.

    RAID 1 is a "mirrored" RAID. One dies, the other is a complete copy.

    You are a student... do your homework. Google is your friend for true information.
  4. Tigsounds is correct.

    soundguruman said:
    RAID 0

    If you don't know for sure, please research before guessing. We are trying to provide factual answers on this forum.
  5. thank u guys u saved me things where starting to go harsh and that was hard i could not have done it wihout u :)
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