How to configure Bridge connection in windows server 2003 having 2 NIC

I have windows server 2003 with 2 NIC's and the first NIC is acting as domain controller with server-client (DHCP) and its IP Address is ( And the 2nd NIC is connected with the Router having dynamic IP Address ( gate way. Right now; I have an internet connection in the server. My question is how can I connect clients with an internet from the second NIC? Is it possible to configure bridge connection in the server having this 2 NIC’s?

please guys i need your help

thank you very much
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  1. I ended up running two routers in my setup...
    modem->switch->two routers->switches/server/PCs

    the one router services my workstations
    the other router connects my server to the internet (does NAT as well so I can run webmail and website at the same time.. it's a Cisco1700)

    the other NIC on my server is connected to the switch from the workstation router so I have access from my workstations (it's also my file server... not very secure I know but I have the ACLs set up blocking pretty much everything)

    the server uses the server router as it's gateway...

    it casues nothing but troubles if your trying to run two gateways on one machine

    all devices are on a network... the only difference between the server and workstations is the gateway address (and IP of course)
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