Agp 3850 and 8.7 drivers

Hi guys,

I have installed the 8.7 hotfix drivers for my agp 3850 graphics card, i got this card as a replacement for an x1950 pro that was faulty, now alot of games wont run and i ran Realtek opengl viewer and it reports that some of the opengl drivers are missing. Obviously that's the problem, has anyone else had the same problem and are they missing from the 8.7 drivers?

I would reinstall the drivers but if it's a problem they have then it's pointless.

Many thanks

Dead :) :) :)
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  1. Its your operating either has files missing or corrupt files......its not the 8.7's or the card...


    I would also download and install the xp service pack full version to your system too.....I'm sure you have xp.....If this doesn't help you then take it to someone who can repair your software.....its possible to fix it
  2. Completely remove all traces of any ATI drivers then reinstall the 8.7 drivers.
    I had a similiar problem when going from 8.6 to 8.7.

    Couldn't play Prey which is Open GL with 8.6 then I cleaned out the 8.6 and did a fresh install of 8.7 and I could play Prey no problems.
  3. Hi guys,

    Got it sorted, i cleaned the registery, i found an asus entry for an nviida card that was hiding there, uninstalled the 8.7 driver cleared all ati stuff from registry then reinstalled.

    All sorted.

    Thanks for the help guys.

    Dead :pt1cable: :pt1cable: :pt1cable:
  4. Very cool...
  5. Dead did you have tried to play q3 game engines, like rtcw, et, or quake?, i wana to know because i cant play rtcw with poor 30 fps. Im not eglish speaker i hope u all understand me. Noone has the solution, 3850 agp and catalyst doesnt work absoluty well.
  6. The drivers for the agp version are buggy, had alot of problems with mine too
  7. hi guderiancol, i have been playing quake 3 and wolfenstein et, with good frame rates on et of 86 to 92 fps.
  8. Well... there are agp hot fix 8.8. Hmm deadringer, are good 86 fps in et?.
    Know that. My rtcw run over 125 fps and 333 again.
    I have the magic tool.. look in your console and type r_primitives 2, it comes by default in 0
    It will fix your poor 92 fps and u can start over 125. Try and tell us how was your test.
  9. hi guderiancol,

    I played railgun map full graphics setup,full 20 man server and typed the command in console and was little change to my frame rate on fraps.
    maybe you know of something else to try. will download the 8.8 drivers and try them out.

    Thx m8ty

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