P5KC Bootup issues

Im likely to get balled for this question, as it probably has been answered/is totally obvious to you.

Having issues booting up using an asus p5kc mobo.
Goes through the whole bios, right up to the point you get the forst vista splash screen, the one with the "loading" bar, and then resets itself, and is stuck in a continual loop =(

what ive done-
tried using safe mode, and found that it stops at "crcdisc.exe".
looked online, and the concensus was to remove the file from /system32
(i still have it on the drive, just in a separate directory)

Restarting all seemed ok, as it actually stayed on the loading screen, before flashing a very brief bsod, and then starting the whole loop again
this time, the log says it cannot pass "classpnp.sys"
Some sources said to ensure "PnP OS" was enables in the bios, which it is (tried both ways)

The system is
Asus P5KC mobo
Celeron D 3.2 CPU,though will be using a Q6600
Sapphire x1600pro Gfx
2 gig kingston mem
1 - 80g and 1 200g IDE drive
SATA optical drive

Any help or suggestions much appreciated
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  1. Could be a memory problem, have you downloaded Memtest+86 and tested your memory yet? That would be the best place to start.
  2. would that be entirely neccessary, because im using the memory on this board, with it all going smoothly.
    ill try it anyway,as soon as i get a chance after work
  3. ok, ran memtest for about 7-8 hours overnight, and came back with no errors, im starting to think more and more that the board is somehow f****d..?
    any other suggestions anyone?
  4. Anyone?
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