Is the GTX280 Now Worth It?

Now that the GTX280 has dropped to $400, is it worth it to spend the extra over the HD4870? Or is it even worth considering the GTX260 over the HD4870, now that they are both priced at $300?

EDIT: Whoops, forgot to double-check the sources. The GTX280 is actually $500.
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  1. Check out these two threads:
    (good performance comparison between 280 and 4870)
  2. I think the rule of thumb with nVidia cards is not to buy top of the range for value, but only if you care about performance more than money.
  3. If I were dropping 500.00 on a graphics update I would buy 2 x 4850s in crossfire for 400.00 and totally eat the GTX280!
    The BFG GTX280 costs 685.00 up here in manitoba.....
  4. 260 or 280
  5. Well I am performance orientated when I need it.I have several computers,one for general surfing,one for working on and one for gaming.So I will buy a GTX280 and not a cheapy,also eventually another to make an SLI rig.As far as ATI is concerned for performance they can not out do the GTX280 with anything they have now or in the near future.So I guess I am not worried about the cost,but the performance.I work and I ain't no kid with well to do parents to buy for me......Soon I will be buying my self a new rig for gaming.XFX 790i ultra,E8500,XFX GTX280,1000 watt coolermaster power supply,the new sata 2 raptor @ 300GB,2 x 2GB of the best DDR3,dual boot with both XP and Vista 64 bit and some extras to chuck into my thermaltake Kandalf....I am not worried about getting a quadcore,because these are mainly for multiple tasks...I got one quadcore anyway on another rig that I use for general use and to me I do not think the quad will help me much compared to Duo Core in the gaming field.
  6. I saw a GTX 280 for $800 where I live, the 48xx were @ RRP and so was the GTX 260...

    If you really need the parts now, I'd go 4850's in crossfire.
    If you can wait, wait for the 4870X2 and re-evaulate then.
  7. amberd1 said:
    ..As far as ATI is concerned for performance they can not out do the GTX280 with anything they have now or in the near future...

    Have you even seen the preliminary benchmarks from the Radeon HD 4870X2s? On pre-retail hardware with beta drivers they're slaughtering the GTX280 (for less $$$). Read some benchmarks at or before posting useless crap.

    Especially note the Age of Conan performance at 2560x1600 where ONE 4870X2 beats TWO GTX280s.
  8. If you are already getting a 280gtx then put a bit more into it and get 9800gx2 cause its more powerful, or you can get a cheaper card but still powerful card like 8800ultra and 2 for sli which will beat one 280gtx.
  9. hd4870 price to preformance cant be beaten!!!!
  10. I'm still trying to decide what's a better investment right now too. Here were i live GTX 260 can be bought for 450$, GTX 280 and 9800GX2 can be bought for 600$, whereas 4870 is priced @ 400$. And i think these will be the prices for at least 2-3 month. I'm a pure gamer so i need the GPU to hold me for at least 2-3 years without needing to upgrade every 6 month when a new GPU comes out from ATI/NVIDIA. Also money shouldn't be a problem unless i don't pay huge premiums for 10% more performance. I've seen some test sheets around and i'm a bit freightened when i see 4870 beating GX2 in some tests (bioshock & some others) but failing compared to 9800 GTX + in others (Crysis). These are hard times for gamers wishing to buy a new GPU. There is no winner when you take most games in comparison. Ati wins in some, then nvidia wins in other. SLI works all the time, CF sometimes doesn't work, but then again when CF works it beats the hell out of SLI.... so in the end ...what do i buy ? :D
  11. 4870 x2 smashes GTX280 in most cases and 4870X2 CF runs like a dream vs GTX280 SLI.

    48x0 FTW!
  12. ^+1 if u are waiting for the gtx 280 or even its refresh go for the 4870x2 that will be the best value for the high end anyways...

    aww man now i've got an old hand I really need to trade this in for a new one...
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