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Please assume I don't know a lot..my lady friend bought me a new system a few months ago, it has 2 Intel Core 2 CPU's. We were gone out of town for a bit, and one of our boys was housesitting. When we got home I installed a program that was on my XP machine, and was surprised that it didn't open any quicker on this machine then on my old one. Anyways went to Task Manager then Performance Tab, and it seemed to be showing only 1 CPU (it used to have 2 boxes on the CPU Usage History), opened sys info and it shows 1 processor with only 1 core and logical processor..the ran HP hardware diagnostics, everything seemed to pass except the multicore test...

*Multicore Test*
Event Type Description Time
Test Started - Sunday, September 07, 2008 10:
41:38 AM
Warning Message There are 4 cores in the CPU a Sunday, September 07, 2008 10:
nd only 1 core is enabled.41:38 AM
Warning Message Please enable all the logical Sunday, September 07, 2008 10:
processors and re-run the test41:38 AM
Warning Message There are 4 cores in the CPU a Sunday, September 07, 2008 10:
nd only 1 core is enabled.41:38 AM
Warning Message Please enable all the logical Sunday, September 07, 2008 10:
processors and re-run the test41:38 AM
Warning Message We need a minimum of two cores Sunday, September 07, 2008 10:
to run the test.41:38 AM
Test Finished Misconfigured Sunday, September 07, 2008 10:
41:47 AM

now I'm not certain if this problem arose before we left (meaning something I did) or while we were gone., a couple of programs I added..speedfan and Vista Firewall Control, though I can't see how either of them would of affected the cpu's. I contact HP who replied

have verified our database and found HP Pavilion Media Center TV m8120n Desktop PC is prebundled with Intel core 2 Quad process. The default BIOS setting of the multi core technology will be disabled. To enable the multicore option in your PC follow the below steps:

1. Press F10 during the PC startup to enter the bios screen.
2. Select Power settings tab using the <tab key>.
3. Select Virtualization Technology using down arrow keys and press enter.
4. Select Enable and press enter.
5. Press F10 to save and exit the BIOS screen

By performing the above steps the multicore technology for the processor will be enabled.

well I did that and when it rebooted checked back in sys info, and ran the diagnostics getting the same results as the first time. Recontacted HP who's response was "see that the hardware diagnostic test display the warning message that multi core is not enabled, when the option is enabled in the BIOS. I would like to inform that this warning message might be due to hardware malfunction of the processor multi core."

Now I'm the first to admit then when it comes to hardware, I'm pretty much lost after turning the power on, but it seems odd that both would have the same problem all of a sudden.

I'm basically looking for either advice or a second opinion before shipping it off any help would be appreciated
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  1. Okay a couple of other items, when I went into the BIOS under Advanced, the CPU type, speed and cache ram were grayed out, in device manager it shows four processors, when I right click any of them it shows under Device Status - device is working properly.
  2. I really don't have a clue if this would help or not, but try "uninstall" in Device Manager - Windows will recognize the processor when it boots and automatically reinstall the driver.
  3. In the search box, type: msinfo32

    That will give you a listing of what the computer thinks is installed on it. Check the processor entries - It's a dual core, you should see that. If you see only one when you shoule be seeing 2 or 4, then the next step (as you tried) would be to check the Bios and make sure the entries there are proper. Which you cannot, since your computer is an OEM model and you are locked out of that functionality. The next step to try would be to use the Vista Disc to repair the installation... But I'd be willing to bet you didn't actually get a Vista CD with your computer, and instead have to use the recovery partition.

    Best thing to do in this case is to become a polite, firm, and royal pain in the a$$ on the support line to HP. "It isn't working properly. Here's the screenshots from the computer that prove it. It is under Warranty and I expect it to be fixed, immediately..."
  4. I tried looking for the manual on the OP's system. I did find a few manuals, but absolutely nothing for the bios.

    Normally the 'Virtualization Technology' is a feature to run multi OS's. That wouldn't have to do with enabling the cores on a multi-core CPU.

    Heh, as a matter of fact I have that disabled in my bios. However I do remember seeing 'Core Multi-Processing' which was right under the 'Virtualization Technology' selection. However my MB isn't from HP.
  5. go to bios.....u should find a option like "Multi Core Processing" or something. i remember having this kind of option in my bios of 946 chipset. it basically lets u select if u want to use all ur existing cores or just one.....it must have been disabled....enable it and u should be able to use both cores
  6. Okay, now to try to cover all the points

    scotteq - msinfo32 a Intel Core2 Quad CPU with only 1 core and 1 logical processor, device manager seems to show 4 processors functioning properly which I assume to be the 4 cores. Now as for the bet you offered, can I take the "didn't get a disk" side, I'll even give odds. Now in the bios section there was a part where it could be reset to the original settings. Now I pondered clicking it, but held off in fear that since my SO had added a couple of things onto the system when she bought it (an upgraded sound package and graphics card) I was afraid it would hose them; would it?
    Now I'm off to try HP tech support

    Grimmy - though you might well be right, I've enabled it (giving them the benefit of the doubt), rebooted checked the bios, it's still enabled but still have but 1 core enabled.
    sarwar - there is nothing to do with "multi core" in any area of the bios I can access
  7. Grrrrr.....out of warrenty by 6 days, but tech support suggested using the system recovery option at start up.

    Good idea or not?
  8. Hmmm...my 790i gives me the option to turn off individual cores (good for testing); its possible your bios has a setting like that as well.
  9. damon2 said:
    Grrrrr.....out of warrenty by 6 days, but tech support suggested using the system recovery option at start up.

    Good idea or not?

    Perhaps, if you have 6 days, you have nothing to really lose if you plan on returning it before the last day. It possibly could be a HAL problem, which can cause the system to see/use one core.
  10. gamerk - nope, no bios setting relating to cores of any type.

    Grimmy - it's already out of warrenty (expired 9/3/08), and if I cant fix it myself, it's going back to Circuit City to be fixed. Except for the computer in 2001, I have no idea what a HAL problem is.
  11. Damon, at this point I wouldn't worry about the devices your GF installed, since you can always put them back later on the chance they get dropped. I'd go ahead and reset the Bios and see.

    Use the recovery partition as a last resort - I'd back up your GF's data first, though. Even though Vista should detect the existing installation and put the stuff in a WINDOWS_OLD folder anyhow. Because if she's anything like my ex... Well.... I'll just say that I generally like to keep my testicles right where they are. And in this situation, preserving every scrap of what she has on the PC is the way to accomplish that....
  12. *lol* okay if the recovery partition is the last resort, sort of like Miami in August
    are there any other options to explore..as I'd rather not have to go through the agonizing process of setting up another network (which btw took over 2 hours by someone who does it professionally)....I mean is it take a shot with the recovery partition (it reformats the hd doesn't it?) or take it in to Circuit City?
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