Best Price/Performance CPU excluding overclockability

Hey, are the Q6600 and the E8400 still the best price versus performance CPUs if we're not considering overclockability?

thanks in advance.
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  1. q6600 yes at only $190 on newegg? Hell YEAH!
  2. when u mean by performance r u referring to gaming?
  3. yes, for gaming.
  4. E8500 then.
  5. If you want pure 'bang for buck' its hard to go past a $40 X2 BE-2400:
  6. unless you already have a 775mobo?
  7. This is not easy to pick out a cpu. There are so many cpus that have great price/performace. The 8500 is $190. and the E8400 is 170. For a cpu of that speed at that price its one heck of deal. Then there is the workhorse Q6600. AMD's 9950 black edition is $180.

    Then there are the E7, E5 series. The AMD black edition x2 5400 for $77. Basically all of the X2's have great price/performance. It all comes down to how much money you want to spend. There are great price/performance cpus from both AMD and Intel in every market but the high end.
  8. Heh.. I dunno. It just sounds crazy to even think to recommend B/E to someone who will not OC. Not to mention people that buy EE Intel processors for major brand PC (Dell/HP/Sony/ect). :lol:
  9. mi1ez said:
    unless you already have a 775mobo?

    The OP made no stipulation regarding S775. The fact is that a $40 X2 BE-2400 is equal to an $70 E2180, so its the best deal going around IMO if you're not overclocking.
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