B.S.O.D. problem :(

Ok the BSOD has been around my rig since i built it, year ago.

It will crash mainly during gaming, crysis, cod4.... though it has randomly rebooted during video playback too.

I had attributed much instability to:

Underpowered PSU, which is now solved

Lower grade ram, solved.

But i am still crashing.

I have temp sensing tools running and nothing is getting crispy:

CPU 33 idle / not sure on load
GPU's 55 idle / up to 70 max load

I have the latest drivers for everything that i can think of plus the latest MB bios.

When Vista 'trys' to pose solutions it blames Nvidia drivers though i have tried 5 different drivers and still get BSOD.

I have just done a fresh install so i have a nice fresh start.

Nothing is OC'd in my rig ATM though i will be when i get things sorted.

I have run Prime95 and i have failed, sometimes after 10mins others after 12 hours.

Quick run down of what is in my rig:

MB : Abit Fatality FP-IN9 SLI
CPU : E6600 2.4
Ram: OCZ Platinum PC2 6400C5 800MHz four x 2gb = 8gb total
GPU's : SLI'd BFG 8800 GTX OC2
PSU : Zalman ZM 850HP

I have changed both my GPU's, a little to regularly :) and my ram so i am inclined to rule them out since i still get issues.

My main culprit is the Mb as i have lots of RMA's to my name with MBs.

BIOS is not a strong area of mine but i think there may be alterations needed. It didn't have my latencies correct for a start.

All help is appreciated.

If you need more info please ask..

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  1. In BIOS bump up the RAM voltage to 2.0-2.1v for the 4 x 2 GB PC26400 DIMMs. Also, bump the Northbridge voltage to 1.4-1.5v.
  2. I have upped to the V suggested plus dropped out a stick to see if it's the 4 slots occupied problem.
  3. What does the BS say?
  4. I haven't had a blue screen after upping the V so far, if i do i'll post up the error code. I'll look through my logs for some of the codes that have been kicked up later.
  5. in my logs what sort of events do you want error codes for as i have a fair amount of logs to sift through.
  6. At the desktop, right click on My Computer.
    Click on properties.
    Choose or click 'Advanced System Settings'.
    Select the 'Advanced' tab.
    Under 'Start up and Recovery' select 'Settings'
    Uncheck 'automatically restart'

    Next time the OS shuts the system down with BSOD, write down the error codes and post the error codes here.

    I am on VISTA 64 at the moment, but my instructions should work for Windows XP if that is the OS you are using.
  7. I have bareboned my rig, 1GPU, 1 Ram stick, and reset bios to optimised.

    I can't get through one test in Prime95. I wish it gave more info on what was causing issues.

    I also re-upped the voltages and get the same result

    May try and get hold of a spare 775 MB to test with, if anyone has an old one to lend that would be cool.
  8. nvlddmkm.sys is the bsod error. this is a driver based error though i did a fresh vista install them put on the latest drivers so i know i don't have parts of old drivers kicking about.

    Any more ideas?
  9. Be sure to install the latest driver for your video card here:


    Here is Microsoft's Tech Net discussion regarding the stop error you posted. Perhaps a BIOS update has a fix of some sort?:

  10. I am going to revert back to XP as this is a specific Vista and drivers issue :(

    I am using the latest Nvidia drivers and MB bios.

  11. I have four Vista systems, two 32 bit and two 64 bit. I use 8600GT, 7800GT x 2, 9600GT, and Radeon 3870 x 2. I have no problem with any of them.
  12. I have also used various other video cards in the Vista Systems including 8800GTS 640, 7900GTO and Radeon 1800XT.
  13. Here is the latest 650i chipset driver for for Vista 32. Have you installed it?

  14. ok a few changes.

    I have new ram, OCZ 8GB (4x2GB) PC2-6400C5 800MHz, and a new MB, MSI P7N Diamond nForce 780i SLi.

    I have run Orthos so i seem stable.

    I have done another format and reinstall, due to MB. I have everything up to date and then....BSOD.

    Same error as before. :pfff: :pfff: :pfff: :pfff:

    Any more suggestions?
  15. Try using one video card. Then download and install the latest driver for your your 8800GTX. This driver is for Vista 32, 8800 series.

  16. While it is probably hardware I'd say don't forget to check system/application logs.

    Likely some unknown driver/voltage etc issue but always worth a shot.
    Check all cables.
    Run a temp/voltage logger.

    Yeah I know you've already done a ton but I tend to start with stupid easy things first.

    Sounds like now you've replaced everything but your case cd-roms and HDD's.

    You stated what you did in the past but since new install have you redone the prime95 etc?

    I know there is one test for cpu one for ram.

    Could be your cpu just remembered it was about the only thing you didn't change or maybe changing it's FSB/voltage around could make it more stable. Try to avoid spending more money =P Although it gives you a reason to upgrade, I use to only upgrade when I fried my systems.(I lost 3 systems due to power failures, melted surge strip,(2x lightning strikes) bad luck and cheap rent in poorly wired places is bad.

    Which reminds me, check your input power/surge strip/monitor voltage. During the summer with AC's brownouts etc you could be dipping.

    I've had my one monitor turn off along with my desk lamp 5 times this week while my 2nd monitor and pc managed to stay on(bigger capacitors I guess).
  17. Will14, thanks for the input.

    since reinstall and the new hardware i have become stable, 12 hr each on Orthos ram, cpu and blend test.

    I was wondering about power, though i have tried 3 PSUs though 2 were a little under powered. As for mains, the place i rent does blow fuses once every few months.

    Would you consider a powerbrick surge protector so if the current dips it wont kill my rig.

    I do have a lot of hardware in my room but i keep my rig on a single outlet.

    If i have a look through my event logs what events should i be looking for??

  18. I've seen things like this in the past where the only thing we could come up with was the power source. Getting a UPS can help smooth out your supply, if it will run. If not, make the landlord fix the power. :)
  19. hmm my house mate has a UPS. I think i'll borrow it and give that a whirl.

    Could you explain why a power issue would cause a Nvidia driver issue, or is it windows blaming them?
  20. Come to think of it my TV , 40'' Bravia, has shut off for no reason before...
  21. oky day, i took my rig round a mates to steal his power!!

    First off i'm never lugging that thing anywhere ever again, it weighs as much as me!!

    Anyway, tried running 3D Mark Advantage, bsod and Crysis, bsod.

    I am now 100% that it's not a mains power issue.

    So it has to be drivers, since that is the bsod error anyway.

    Does anyone have a similar set up as i have tried all 8800 drivers and nothing works. Could i try 9 series drivers or hacked ones??

  22. Here is the latest Nvidia 650i chipset driver for Vista 32.

  23. Cheers,

    I changed the MB and i have the latest 780i drivers on for Vista64
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