Gigabyte mb wont oc

I'm having trouble overclocking my q6600. Im using a gigabyte g41m-es2l mb with a Sunbeam CR-CCTF92-4 92mm Core-Contact Freezer CPU Cooler. Im using windows 7 rc.

Every time I do the slightest overclock in the bios, even just 2.5, the pc wont start. I am able to to get to 2.8 easy using easytune so I believe my system is able to handle the overclock.
Btw im new to overclocking. Any help would be much appreciated.

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  1. I think that mobo is not for OCing..
  2. What settings are you changing?

    set your memory ratio to "unlinked"
  3. my settings are as follows
    Robust Graph Boost [AUTO]
    CPU Clock Ratio [9X]
    CPU Host Clock Control [ENABLED]
    CPU Host Freq. [280 MHz] I really can only post if im at 266 but if im at 280 these are the settings i would choose
    PCI Express Freq [AUTO]
    Advanced Clock Control - Default values

    Perform Enh [STD]
    XMP [AUTO]
    SPD [2.00B]
    System Mem Freq 560MHz
    Lets me run CPU: Mem ratio of 1:1
    DRAM timing Sel [AUTO]
    My mem SPD sets 5-5-5-15
    Advanced Timing Control - Default values

    my ram is
  4. come on guys there most be a setting that I dont know about and dont change. Im desperate. Any suggestions would be great! Im really frustrated by the whole thing right now. I had a dell and you cant oc them. So I go build a new computer just to oc and now I cant! No way I dont except this. Lets figure this out.

  5. The motherboard is the base of your system so if you're building your system to overclock research your motherboard first to make sure it does that well. Just getting a cheap motherboard isn't a good idea when you have overclocking and gaming in mind. Anyway READ THE STICKY!. Seriously it will help you out with overclocking.

    Now then, set your ratio as 1:1 and loosen your RAM timings as much as possible. Increase your North Bridge voltage by one step as well as your CPU voltage. Then steadily increase your FSB (about 10 MHz at a time) and each time boot and run Prim 95. Make sure to watch your temps. When it fails Prime 95, or just fails to boot, then you may either want to increase the vcore more or decrease the FSB a little until you get it stable. Really though that's just a little bit of general advice, but read the sticky before you burn something out.
  6. I've oc'd a wolfdale E5200 from 2.5ghz to 3.5ghz on a low end $50 MSI mcp73 board at work without even touching the vcore. So you should be able to oc no prob on that board. One thing to try is to manually lock in the factory ram timings and ram voltages. On my last build I had a gigabyte P35-ds3r and paired it with 4x1gb of OCZ ram. The ram was rated @2.1v and the gigabyte only posted it at 1.8v on auto (default) so i had to change it. Also lock in the pci-e frequency @ 100mhz. And Listen to overshocked, has some great info.
  7. -also I can tell you to read, read, read, and then read some more. Dont just learn what settings to use but learn what changing those settings actually do and how that correlates with the other hardware in your pc. Because I can tell you that PC's have a life of there own. you could have two of the exact same setup that would require slightly different settings to achieve the same OC.
  8. i have tried everyting
    I have been reading thru everything i can find and the only things that might be the problem are

    "Note to EP35-DS3L owners: To "Disable" DES all you have to do is to not install DES program."

    well too late for me I already installed. Now Im searching for a way do disable/uninstall DES but to no avail. If any1 knows how please enlighten me.
    also i do not see the cpu voltage control in my bios, its got the rest of them like vcore and all that. maybe this is the hold up. thank you everyone for the help.

  9. dynamic energy saver should be able to uninstall through control panel (add remove programs-xp) (programs and features-vista/W7) also vcore is your cpu voltage. You could very well have a hardware fault. If anything I would suggest posting everything at stock speeds (factory settings) and then stress your hardware individually and see if there are any weak links. I would suggest downloading hirens boot cd which has a ton of useful apps on one disc. I would run memtest on the ram, test the hard-drive (i'm a fan of seagates-seatools), and I would also run prime95 or any other stress testing app. Basically if your system cant handle being stressed out of the box then you need to replace/return it. No use in OC'ing if there are hardware faults. Working as a repair tech I can tell you that I see bad parts that are brand new a lot.
  10. total newb here, but did manage to oc the 31 with an e5200 no problems.

    Did some searching and found someone who had a setup similar to yours.

    good luck
  11. why wipe the hard drive. I just installed windows 7. its a fresh build.
    im now up to a 3.0 oc using the easy tune utl. rock solid i might add. so my system seems to be able to handle an oc. i have tested all the other setting and the only option that makes it not post is any change in the fsb even 10mhz. maybe i got a bad board? I dont know if this is a defect in the board or just something im over looking. what you think.

    o ya and i didnt intall dep, thank god.
  12. So i have confirmed it. If I enable CPU Host Control, no matter what any of the settings are, I can not post. I called Gigabyte just to hear their two cents. They confirm that it's a working board unless you can't post with all settings at default. Wow. Thanks all I got to say for now.

  13. Finally, with enough tinkering I was able to post with CPU Host Control enabled. I am now stable at 3.0. The trick was to pull out one of the two 2gb ram sticks. Then change the memory freq multiplier to 2.5. Now I can overclock just fine. One problem for me is I would really like to use all 4gb of ram. I'm running windows 7 x64 and the extra ram seems to help. Do you guys think it is defective ram or is there a trick to adding more ram after you get a stable oc. Thanks to everyone for all the advise and help. I can finally go wash the paint off my forehead that I got from banging my head into the wall ;)

  14. I can see waht your problem is and if you read the stickys you woulda known that vcore is the cpu voltage. The ansewer to your problem lies in the stickys and has been mentioned once on this thread.

    Slow down and read, and read it again.
  15. What stickys are you referring to? I am confused :heink: .
  16. I don't see anything wrong with this 4gb of corsair memory provided I can get it to post with a cpu oc. Right now the system is running at

    cpu feq 333
    ram feq 832
    clocks 5-5-5-18
    vcore 1.25
    ram vol 1.8

    It will post and run stable with 2gb but won't even post with 4bg. I don't see any setting to up my nb voltage controls. I don't know what to try at this point. Tried messing with the ram feq and volt to no avail. Let me know if you have any ideas.

  17. make sure that your ram isnt rated @ 2.1. I had the same issue as you do except i just had memtest errors no oc issues. but i went and changed the voltage to 2.1 (written on ram stick next to timings) and manually locked in the timings and I was good to go with 4x1gb sticks. Make sure though that your ram actually runs @2.1 before you change anything. I'm not sure for your ram.
  18. my ram is rated for the following settings
    1.8 volt
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