Can i play blu ray disks

if i can download 1080p blu ray movies and play them in 1080p could my computer play a blu ray disk?
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  1. our computer has a Blu-Ray Drive then yes, If you just have a DVD drive then NO
  2. You won't need a blu-ray player if the movies are on the hard drive. You will need a good player that supports blu-ray such as Cyberlink Power DVD 9. There are others but this is my favorite.

    How well it plays will be determined on the specs of your hardware too.

    List your computer specs if you know what they are...
  3. c2d e8400 oc to 3.3 ghz
    hd 2x 4890 oc
    crossfire mobo etc
    its like a 2000$ gaming pc lol
  4. Your system is more than capable, just get the program I recommended above and you are good to go... ;)
  5. i would recommend media player home cinema version . it can play any file type and do some really good image enhancing even on blurays . i get fantastic results with my 4670 using this :-
  6. If you wana play these on an HDTV, burn it on blu-ray media (like these:

    and enjoy the HD quality on your TV.
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