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I have a computer running XP that connects to a samba share. This has worked fine for the last couple of years but last week it stopped working. The commands used for connecting are these:

net use f: /d
net use f: \\\birka /user:birka birka
net use lpt1: /d
net use lpt1: \\\oki

When I try them I get the annoying system error 67

Has anyone seen this? Has there been some kind of XP update that breaks networking? :)
I can still access the server and map the drive through Explorer.
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  1. Obviously networking isn't broken if you can access the server via Explorer. The error is saying that it can't find the server. So:

    1. What about if you use the server name rather than the dotted-quad IP address? (When going through Explorer do you use the dotted quad or the name?)

    2. Is it possible that the IP address of the server has changed?

    3. Can you ping it (by name and/or dotted quad)?
  2. The server is on the same network without DNS server so it hasn't a name. I use the same dotted Ip-adress in explorer.
    Ip-address has not changed.
  3. The server will have a netbios name, which is independent of DNS. That's why I asked whether Explorer saw it by name rather than dotted.quad.

    It just doesn't make sense to me that Explorer can connect but net use cannot. That's the exact opposite of what I expect, where net use can always find the server even if it doesn't appear in Explorer.

    Do you have access to the logs on the server? It would be worth checking smbd.log and nmbd.log to see if they record anything when you try to make the connection. Another possibility is to alter the debugging level to show more information. Have a look at this link about troubleshooting Samba.
  4. I had this same problem- net use failed, but explorer would successfully access samba.

    I finally figured out that I had an escape character in my password, which explorer was apparently automatically fixing for me.

    I corrected the escape character and net use succeeded.

    This was the first result when I searched, so I hope this helps someone who makes a similar mistake.
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