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Laptop Spare LCD's

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
September 22, 2002 8:14:39 PM

Does anyone have any information on turning a laptop spare LCD into a desktop output device? It seems that finding cheap LCD screens is fairly easy when your looking at spare parts for laptops. But I cannot find any information on converting the adapter for the Laptop LCD to work with everyday desktop Video Cards.

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September 23, 2002 9:06:26 PM

The trick to using a laptop screen and a stand alone video card is converting the analog or the DVI signal to the parallel data the laptop screen requires. Since most every laptop design is slightly different you would need to have the laptop panel input schematics then build an analog or DVI to laptop panel converter. Not a simple thing to do. You are better off purchasing a stand alone LCD monitor IMHO.

Jim Witkowski
Chief Hardware Engineer

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September 24, 2002 2:04:30 AM

Hrm.. should I be jaded and assume your pushing me away from my dream because you work for a monitor outlet? Or assume your in my best intrest and are waving me away from pipe dreams... hrm.. what to choose.. what to choose...
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September 24, 2002 3:28:18 AM

Speaking from personal experience, GoSharks is very knowledgeable, and does try to be impartial. He gives good advice, and isn't trying to bs you, cause there are 100 other places u can buy an LCD from. I too agree that the laptop idea is annoying to do (the same questions has been asked several times now actually). Like he said, ya might be better off getting an LCD.

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September 24, 2002 2:44:32 PM


If it where easy, I would have started my own business long ago, like flame said this question comes up every now and again. I've never heard of anyone successfully taking a laptop LCD and converting it for use with a standard VGA card.


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November 21, 2002 11:04:01 PM

I was looking to do a similar thing. Would it be possible to get a laptop and make the display remote. ie. extend the power and data cables? I want to watch DVD's in the car and also utilise satellite GPS receiver for Auto Route. But I want everything tucked neatly away in the boot. Desktop hardware seems to be cheaper and more readily available so this is why I wanted to connect the LCD to it.

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