Installing Full version of Win7 ult. 64bit on new system. Questions?

I'm going to be insatalling a full version of Win7 64 bit to a new computer and I had a few quesstions. I was going to partition some of the hd for and intal the OS on that partition. I was going to make the os partition about 16gb. Is this an okay size for a win7 install? Secondly, should I format the Hard drive in Fat32 or NTSC..? When I did this with XP I used NTSC and was just wondering if I should do the same. Lastly, I'll be using a wireless network card as well as a wireless keyboard and mouse. Should I Just use these right off the bat or would I spare myself any problems by just not installing the wireless network card or keyboard and mouse until after the OS is installed and working properly? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
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    First, you're mixing terms a bit and I wanted to set the record straight.

    NTSC is a type of video formatting. The term you're looking for is NTFS. And yes, you should format all partitions as NTFS (unless you have a specific need for formatting as FAT32, but if that was the case, you would not be asking that question).

    Regarding the extra devices, connect everything to the system before you install 7 so 7 has a chance to detect the device and get a driver installed right away if it has one.

    16GB should be ok for the OS partition, but I'm not a firm believer in seperating the OS from the application installs. If something goes wrong with the OS Install, you're going to have to reinstall all of the applications anyway, therefore you might as well keep them all on the same partition.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Really appreciate it.
  3. You're welcome!
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