Are these settings safe for my overclocked i7?

Just wondering if the following settings are safe... I had to use these in order to obtain an overclock of 3.8 on my i7 920..

Ram Voltage... 1.65
QPI Voltage... 1.25
CPU Voltage... 1.25

My temps are under 70 or around 70 under max load and it is stable for 24 hours with Prime 95..

Please let me know

Thanks in advance

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  1. yep, looks good.
  2. ty sir :-D
  3. Creebs,

    Intel's processor specifications are available at Processor Spec Finder -

    The following Intel document describes the 5c thermal gradient between Tcase (CPU temperature) and Tjunction (Core temperature) -

    Core i7 specifications:

    Vcore Max 1.375
    Tcase Max (CPU temperature) 68c
    Tjunction (Core temperature) 73c

    Your Core temperature is within spec at 70c.

    Comp :sol:
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