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i'd like to know other people's experience in installing the heatsinkfan for a lga775 socket. i recently bought a Q9450 quadcore and installed it. it took me a while to get the 4 pins locked in, and im not even sure if they are locked properly or whatever. I downloaded CPUID hwmonitor to check to see if there are any stuck sensors and checked out the temperatures while doing that. I ran a game and the temperature went up to ~75 on 2 of the cores and 66 on the other 2. arent those a little high? or are newer processors supposed to be that high?

while installing the hsf, when i click down one 1, the whole hsf tilts over to that pushed down pin, I tried getting in the diagonally opposite in, but that never works, so i did an adjacent. after taking the hsf on and off a few times and putting it back on, i eventually got them all on. when I try to wiggle it loose, it doesn't come off, but when i look at it, it looks like it could be a little off to one side, though im not sure, maybe my eyes were playing a trick on me. the mobo was already installed in the case so it was hard to see and i didn't want to take it back out. while pushing down the pins i also notice that the motherboard was kind of bending. i didn't expect to have to use so much force to put the hsf on...i just can't help but think i might have done something wrong
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  1. someone please tell me if i did this correctly...or atleast if you have a Q9450 also could you tell me how hot yours runs?
  2. You need to run Prime95 to check temperatures. That loads each core to 100%. If all four cores are loaded equally, the core temp measurements should be no more than 5 degrees apart. With games, you do not really know how each core is loaded.

    You haven't said if you were overclocking, but 75 C seems a little high.

    You may need to remove the motherboard to be certain that you have installed the HSF properly.

    I always installed the HSF before I install the mb in the case.

    I have a Q6600 OC'd to 3.6 GHz. My core temps go to about 65 C.
  3. sounds like u havnt put the HSF on level u gave got it clipped down but not till its in completly or ur thermal compound is not sperad evenly
  4. It sounds as if you installed the HSF while the motherboard was in the case........Not a good idea...!

    It may pay to remove the motherboard and check to see if the ALL the pins have been inserted properly.

    Personally I hate the push pin design type of HSF. I dont like the amount of force required to correctly seat the pins, but I especially don't like the amount of board warping they cause. A number of members have recommended a backing plate kit from Thermaltake which allows you to use your existing HS but replaces the push pins with screws and a backing plate. You do have to remove the motherboard to install it but you wont get the board warping and you should be guaranteed to have a snugly fitting HSF
  5. ooops..... looks like I may have had something resting on the keyboard.


    Sorry for this sorry, I just edited it............ :o
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