How do i know if my graphics cards are bottlenecking my cpu?

I was planning on my new build with a

q6600 overclocked
8 gigs of 800 mhz ram
with two 4870x2s in crossfire

im worried that im spending to much money for graphics and it wont be running to its full potential.
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  1. I'd say you're spending too much on graphics full stop.

    Can you find any benches of games where 2x 4870X2s are a worthwhile upgrade over a single X2?

    How far are you pushing your CPU?
  2. Forego the Crossfire and pick up a single 6600GT. Your CPU will not be a bottleneck with that configuration, and you will have saved a LOT of money.
  3. Depends on the game, the only game that I know of that you will have CPU bottle neck is supreme commander and in that case you have no need for a graphics card of that magnitude. Your normal shooter games will have no problem with that CPU. But along with everyone else you do not need the crossfire configuration. You would be much better off purchasing one high end card then purchasing another high end card in a year. You will have spent less money and it will perform fine for games today, and perform much better for games a year from now.
  4. I'd ditch the second 4870x2 and get a Q9550. Much more ballanced.
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