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ICH7 and Raid 0 help???

I'm really really new in Raid department. sorry, if i miss or say something inappropriate. i just got two brand new raptors 74GB western digital drive.
kind of like that but brand new.
I got a G31 with ICH7 chipset. to be more specific:

I would like to know if i can raid the two hard drives because my motherboard doesnt say it has a raid build in. If i cannot raid it with my mobo. what kind of option do i have? Should i buy a pci raid card, if so, which one would you recommend(newegg link would b good) I have a limited budget around no more than $50 if that will give me anything.

second question, how to raid0 the drive? please send me link or tell me how to create it raid0 and install window 7 64bits on it.
thank you,
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    The ICH7 does not have RAID AT ALL, thats why i bought a new mobo, i HAD a ICH7 but now own an ICH10R (NOTE that the 'R' indicates 'RAID')

    I haven't even used the RAID yet ;) but planning on a stripe (RAID0) of 2x 500GB drives.

    I'm not entirely sure about a card to suggest but i have heard that the Promise FastTrack are popular and good chips, but watchout which card manufacturer you get it from, i bough a Promise chip on a Ritmo card and only 1 out of 4 ports worked! mind you i was being REALLY cheap to get SATA on an old Pentium 4 (paid $10AU).

    PS: If you REALLY want or need the RAID, you might need to buy a controller card. they are about $50AU (i dunno how much $US) and slot into your PCI-Ex1.0 lane. You could also look into software RAID but it will suck resources from your PC (it will use CPU for calculating and RAM for cache). I highly recommend hardware RAID as this is its own small computer to do this seperatly from the PC thus no performance sacrifice.

    Good luck :)
  2. As stated above you have no RAID support on that MB. You can go with a PCI RAID card for pretty cheap ( ~$20 US ) on newegg. scroll down.

    I have not run one in years so I cant really recommend a specific one but I would stick with a Silicon Image chip over VIA.

    I really hope you didnt pay much for those old Raptors as the current generation of 7200rpm drives are faster and much larger making them obsolete.

    If you buy a RAID card it will prompt you to create the array when you boot up with it the first time.

    RAID 0 has no redundancy and will lose ALL data on the array if there are ANY problems. If you do run one make SURE you back up to another drive regularly.
  3. Oh, surely you didn't, why oh why did you buy those old things, they are not even SATA II drives!
    You could have bought a single WD Black 640gig drive for less money, and it would have given you better overall performance and 4 times the storage space than those 2 outdated Raptors...They are even rebuilds!

    If you buy a controller card, and put them in RAID, well first off, they aren't going to "wow" you all that much.
    Second, make sure you run a good backup. You will have problems and you will lose your data at some point if you do not.
  4. OMG............ i can't believe i bought it. I really thought these raptors would boost my hdd speed, but it hardly does any improvement to my computer as i'm using Samsung F2 spinpoint. Plus, I paid $40 each for 74GBs which is a very bad price/space ration. i think i'm going to return it. what do you think?
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