lcd monitor vs projector on gmaing

will projector outperform lcd monitor when used for playing pc game?? use high end projector and monitor as reference..
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  1. I would guess it completely depends on the response time of each, and the resolution.

    I would put my bet on the LCD, but I'm sure it would be great to play games on such a huge screen.
  2. Playing on a projector is pretty cool, but I don't think it would "outperform" an LCD, plus you have to have a dark room to see well.
  3. I played a few games on a projector.

    Image quality... meh didn't notice anything spectacular.

    You need to play in a dark room.

    No thanks, not for me.
  4. I use a projector for certain games, but would not like it for all gaming. For some games, I think it can get too big. Racing games are great, but fps I'm not too sure about. And, Unless you have a high end projector/screen you will want a dark room as was stated. It's great fun for sure, but not IMO good for an only screen.
  5. Projector's are great for certain types of gaming, but certainly not for all types. I have a projector and only use it for movies and car racing games, Ive tried out many games on the projector but, I find most games are best played on a normal monitor (no need for a super size one either!)

    Projectors are great for games they are suited to, but if I had to choose only one display for all gaming it would be a monitor (very high end CRT preferably) If I had to play all my games on the projector Id probably quit gaming to be honest. HOWEVER when I do use the projector for a game its suited to its great :D
  6. Sports, flight sims, and party games (like the wii) are fun on a projector too. I'd hate a C&C3 or Starcraft type game (RTS), but Oblivion over a projector and nice sound system is impressive. I've always wanted to try surround gaming in Oblivion with three projectors and a Matrox TH2go.
  7. Ive got a decent sound system (gigaworks 750) and have played oblivion on it, but it seems like too much "fuss" to use for hours on end... Great at first but dont think I could spend 100 hours playing like that, same with crysis lots of fun at first but the shine wears off and it becomes more hassle than its worth having the lights off etc, especially as I have a wife and 4 kids.

    Ive been using the projector for about 3 years now, Its very impressive for some things but the only time Ive used it a lot for gaming has been driving games, had planned on getting a wii and hooking it up to that, I do think as a "family entertainment" thing it would be great.

    Oddly enough I was just thinking on saturday about how to create a dark arcade cabin with 3 projectors for driving and flying games :D...
  8. wow thx all for your experiences.. now i've made my mind.. i would just simply get both of them, and get a room which is big and dark enough for the projector to hang on ceiling.. is there any switch box so that i can always switch my display from projector to monitor or vice versa on my pc??
  9. You can get monitor switch's at least for vga connectors, probably for DVI although I havent looked for one. If you arent running SLI or Crossfire though you likely dont need one as most graphics cards these days come with two ports and you plug one into each and set up the drivers then you can choos which display to use as your primary display on the pc.

    If you are running SLI nvidia are allegedly releaseing new drivers next month which will allow multipl monitor support with sli as well, no announcement on anything from ATI for crossfire drivers yet.
  10. I'm pretty sure Crossfire already supports multiple monitors.
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