Possible CPU damage?

Is it possible to damage a Core 2 duo CPU by powering up a system when there are bent pins on the socket 775 motherboard.

I am in the process of building a new system and when I went to initaly power it up there was no display. It turns out that some of the CPU socket pens were bent. I got a new mother board and it still will not display with the old CPU. Could that CPU have been damaged from the first board?
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  1. rule out video, memory, power supply problems. beyond that it is possible if the pin was contacting another pin
  2. It is possible (as in anything is possible), but you havent eliminated a whole host of other potential problems.

    You need to eliminate other source's of problems: bad ram, bad psu, bad vid card etc....
  3. I tested a video card that I knew worked and there was still no display. I have 4 sticks of 2 gig gskill ram that I recently got so could all 4 sticks be bad? The only other thing could be the power supply or CPU. If everything turns on and starts up but there is no display could it still be the power supply?
  4. does ur mobo make any beep sound ....... does the CPU fan spin up at full speed and then slows down or remains that high speed.

    it could be a PSU problem even if everything starts up
  5. CPU fan spins at full speed and seems to remain constant
  6. here is the thing....i once booted my PC with processor pins bent down...(dint realize they were bent).....my fan speed would stay at full speed and my mobo made no response not did any component.....not even the CD tray would open........when i fixed the pins, everything went back to normal.......
    CPU is not a easy thing to ruin.probably the hardest of all the component in ur casing to destroy(of course u can OC it and burn it, but apart from that)......so i dont think its the CPU.most likely its the PSU......did u try to boot using one Ram only and using different ram each time?
  7. I have tried that. How would the PSU not be working right? Would everything boot up hardrive, fans, ect and it still be the PSU? I guess it could be delivering an improper voltage?
  8. if PSU cant feed ur CPU or ur video card enough juice, it will hault the system.......wat is ur grafix card
  9. 512m BFG Geforce 8800 GTX ..... I have a 650 w PSU... I would think that would be enough
  10. It would be great if you could get your hands on another cpu to try and rule out your cpu being bad. An old cheap celeron would do...
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