WD Caviar Blue same models differences ..why?

I have two WD5000AAKS 500GB Caviar Blue with, newest one I bought recently have a mfd: 27 SEP 2009, the other unit is exactly the same model but MFD: 19 NOV 2008. I note a important weight and some external physical differences among both. The older one weighs almost twice than new unit ! I know models get changes meaning sometimes improves and fixes, but this time I am curios because the weight difference is significant. look at pics:

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  1. As with most products, they improve the design as time goes on(i have drives similar as far as same model different design, never with that much weight difference tho), Maybe its lighter due to a new platter design(2 old 1 new)?

    Bench them both and see whats faster.
  2. Yes, xactly I assumed too. I will bench both. BTW WD site model page still have pictures from old version despite the new is already released. Thanks
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