Phenom II 720 P95,OCCT and IBT errors

This happened after a bios update on my Gigabyte GA-MA790X-DS4 mobo(F6 to F7C).
My Phenom II 720 didn't pass any of those stress test even at stock speed, p95 would fail after several hrs, IBT fails after 15th cycle and OCCT in 5 minutes.All of those failures pointed to an error in Core #2. I already tried re flashing it back to F6 bios but its still the same. Any possible reason why this happened? apart from bad bios..
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  1. I forgot to mention test settings - all those test were small Fft test, and normal on IBT. my OCZ ram is good as far I know so could it be that the CPU has gone bad by itself?
  2. -Update-
    No replies? :sweat: I wish I have some more clues about this.. :??:

    I ran memtest86+ and no errors were found, however when I changed my memory settings from 1066 to 800Mhz and ran 50x IBT and few times of OCCT/linpack...The core errors GONE!

    This incident also happened before with my "good riddance" Athlon X2 7750 -it simply refused to work with 1066Mhz ram now this has also affected Phenom II? or the could it be the DDR2 memory controller has gone awry?
  3. Have yoyu tried to up the NB frequncy? Also setting the RAM timiongs are really important for Getting 1066 to work correctly. Manually sett the timing to what the ram specifies. If that doesnt work bump the voltage up a notch, if still no worky loosen the timings slightly i.e.- 5-5-5-12 to 6-6-6-15
  4. you still have the 7750? Ill take it.
  5. My OCZ2G10664GK should operates @ 1066 / 5-6-6-18 / 2.1v .. I got it replaced brand new- back from RMA when I thought it was bad (7750 was the culprit back then)..
    but now I ran them @ 800mhz,5-6-6-18 2.1v - heck it won't stabilize at 5-5-5-18 @ 800Mhz. I still think the ram is fine, probably this mobo with its SB600 sucks LoL
    - I guess I'll find it out after I get another mobo.

    That 7750??, auw sorry, I sold it already not long ago..
  6. mobo it is probably.. But just in case try the 6-6-6-18 w/ 2.1V @ 1066
  7. Now that you mention it,I didn't even tried at tad higher timings- I'll give it a try this nite..
  8. good do it and let me know
  9. xtc28 said:
    good do it and let me know

    I tried 6-6-6-18 / 6-7-7-18 / 7-7-7-20 all @ 2.1v

    the further up it goes..the errors will show up more quickly :o

    I'm thinking of a new RAM or mobo..or just both LoL, just got my paycheck..time to shop & shop AMD/ATi AM3 stuffs :bounce: but unfortunately I have a trip to SE Asia tomorrow..

    Thanks for ur suggestion anyway.. I'm off for 2 months long vacation.. :hello: will miss my PC then LoL
  10. Hope to hear about it later!
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