Inno 3D 9600 GSO overclocking

HI all,

I have the above chipset, and I want to overclock it before I put it into a machine I am giving away.

I just want to check what the maximum overclock settings would be for it.

From what I read online, some releases of the 9600 GSO have
core clocked at 600Mhz while mine is clocked at 550Mhz,
Memory clocked to over 1000Mhz (I think) while mine is clocked to 800Mhz, and
Shaders clocked to 1600Mhz while mine is at 1375Mhz.

What I am wondering:
Do these lower factory setting values mean that I would have a lower overclock potential than the same chipset released by different manufacturers?

Also there is a tool in an updated nVidia driver that allows me to overclock there. Should I use the other software mentioned in this forum or is this updated driver sufficient?

Many thanks for your help!!!
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  1. I'm currently using XFX 8800gs which is similar to 9600gso..

    My stock clock was 580 core,700 mem,1450 shader - I overclocked it to 700,1000,1850 by using Rivatuner 2.24 with Forceware ver. 182.50 -

    I think I could push it a lil bit more but I'm happy with this already.Some ppl out there even reach more than 730 core!.. you could download it here -
  2. Thanks. I'll download them and see what happens.

    My biggest concern is that I am unsure whether my card can handle the same settings as other 9600 GSO cards that are available. (mine is the 768MB ddr3 model).

    Have Inno just reduced the specs for no specific reason, meaning that this card can be overclocked like any other 9600?
  3. According to - your card clocks are just the same on the reference card. but how much you can go with overclocks, I don't know as you got to try it first.. -
  4. Thanks. I'll see how far I can push it before the new cards arrive (already a week late cause they screwed up the order, sheesh :D).
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