Assign HP 2055dn to lpt2 using net use

I recently purchased a HP 2055DN printer to replace an older HP printer that I had connected to my network using an iogear Print Server.

The old printer I was able to user the "net use" command to capture DOS output to LPT2: and route it to the printer by referencing the IP address of the server and using the printer name that the server had stored e.g. \\<>\<printername>

However now that I have the HP and it is directly connected to the network, I am unable to figure out how to reference the printer in the "net use" command.

Has anyone figured out how to reference a network printer that is directly connected to your router?

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  1. Maybe I didn't make the problem clear... I am not attempting to "share" the printer.. I am attempting to redirect any output sent to LPT2: by a DOS era program to the Network printer... hence the need to execute the "net use LPT2: \\<IP addr>\<printername>.

    I just can't get anything to work correctly as far a the <printername> is concerned.

    Has anyone faced this issue with a directly connected Network laser printer?
  2. After much hair pulling, I finally figured out how to get this to work:

    Instead of using the ip address of the printer, you must first "share" the printer using a share name that is 8 characters or less.. then determine the IP address of your local pc using the IPCONFIG command (you cannot use

    then with that information in hand, you can use the "net use" command:

    net use lpt1: \\<your local pc ip address>\<printer share name> /PERSISTENT:YES

    if you are using DHCP it may be necessary determine your local IP address each time you boot and then issue the net use command using that IP.
  3. P.S. DO NOT try to assign your network printer to the LPT port using the Properties/Ports dialog... if you do, it will confuse the print spooler and you will get no output when directed to the chosen LPT port.
  4. See my own response in this chain for the solution that worked for me. Since this forum will not allow me to select my own post as the "best solution."
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