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ok so i just bought my cpu and i already know what type of video card and what type of ram im going to get.. my question is what type of mobo do you guys recommend?? i just bought a Intel Core2Quad Q9450. Im going to buy an ATI HD4870 1GB version, and for ram i was contemplating on either ocz, corsair, or muskin for DD2 1066. all at 5-5-5-15 settings (except for the ocz which is 5-5-5-18, but that doesnt matter). my price range is relatively low since i dont care about crossfire or any dual card set up, so price range is between $150 and $200. any advice would be great thanks guys
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  1. Checkout the gigabyte GA-EP45 DS3L for around $90 after rebate plus shipping. The p45 is a good non-sli chipset and other boards also have rebates available.
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