How can I hact my Iomega NAS 400r?

CORRECTION: I have an Iomega 400r, not a 440: I have an Iomega 400r NAS, 1TB configuration (4 x 250GB SATA drives). I would like to expand the storage size to 6TB using 4 - 1.5TB SATA drives. When the 1.5TB drives are installed and the system DVD is ran, nothing happens. But when the 250GB drives are in, the DVD is ran all works fine. Is there a way to hack my NAS so that I can use my 1.5TB drives? Thanks.
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  1. There might be a firmware update that allows you to do this. Check Iomega's website, and good luck!
  2. And it is possible that Google is your friend.
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