nVIDIA G84, G86, & G9x Heating Problems

Hi folks,

I was wondering if any of you guys knows if nVIDIA graphic cards problem of bad packaging die and heat problems have been solved. Since nVIDIA is being super hush hush about the whole darn thing.

As you know a lot of the laptops that have nVIDIA G8400 and G8600 have been reporting that their Graphic Video Cards (GPU) have been heating way too much and then failing. They have been failing anywhere after 1 month or after few months ... but mostly been burning up and dying before the 1 year Warranty time.

So, I see lot of posts here about the new nVIDIA cards like G9600s are really a rebranded 8600 ... I am not so much concerned that it is still old technology but I am more concerned if nVIDIA has fixed their major screw-up and fixed their die and major heating issue.

Since most of the laptop companies are only pushing nVIDIA cards ... it seems nVIDIA has really gotten the same monopoly as Microsoft and they strong arming all ODM laptop builders.

So, any input would be appreciated.

G! :)
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  1. Very uninformed post. The 8600 line dies there, at 8600. the 9800 GT is the same as the 8800 GT, the 9600 GSO is the same as the 8800 GS, the 9600 GT is between the9600 GSO and 8800 GT, closer to the upper end, and the 9800GTX is similar in performance to the 8800 GTS, but far from the same.

    As far as GeForce 8400 and 8600 overheating, you are on a mostly enthusiast board where those cards never get brought up.
  2. Actually, the 8400 and 8600 issue is quite relevant for laptop users, as most laptops come with 8400M GS or 8600M GT graphics cards unless you go for a giant(not-portable) gaming laptop. The Dell XPS M1330 I have has an 8400M GS, and I would consider that an enthusiast laptop.

    But as themyrmidon said only the 8400s and 8600s have issues, although I would worry about the 9300M GS and the 9500M GS as those are both 80nm parts that look to just be rebranded 8400M GS and 8600M GT.
  3. Hi GraveMind,

    THANKS For your relpy ... simple and to the point addressing my Q ... and appreciate your heads up on 9300 and 9500 cards ... so I suppose 9600 and 9800 laptop cards should be OK.

    Thank You for a "Useful" post.

    G! :)
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