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How to by pass chkdsk XP when start up

After setting a chkdsk in XP, my PC rebooted and chkdsk commence. However the chkdsk stopped working and I need to reboot the PC. The process continues to loop and not able to by pass chkdsk to boot. For some reason, my keyboard was not working to cancel the chkdsk. Are there any ways I can by the chkdsk?
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  1. install again fresh OS + Driver+Software
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    henydiah said:
    install again fresh OS + Driver+Software

    ^ :pfff:

    When a drive is failing to pass a chkdsk, it almost always means there's some physical errors that it's trying to resolve, but can't (since that's what a chkdsk checks for, not software). This is why you should run chkdsk /r instead.

    The most obvious reason for your keyboard not to be working, is that it's a USB, and it's not enabled, or it's wireless and not initiated at that point in the boot process. The easiest option, would be to connect a PS2 keyboard, and try that.

    Once you get to the desktop, go to start-->run-->type chkdsk /r and press enter-->then restart the PC-->it will then run the chkdsk and try to repair the errors it's found.
  3. currently what i did was to boot from another drive and rename the current drive's autochkdsk to prevent it from loading. What if chkdsk / r is loaded and hangs again? i am concern about not able to boot again.
  4. If you use the /r switch, it'll try to repair the errors that are causing it to hang. If it hangs when using the /r switch, you need to replace the hard drive.
  5. I ran chkdsk /r in recovery console and chkdsk /p. I have no errors but I still can't get windows to load. Ive tried safe mode and using the XP CD. Not sure what else to do. I don't even care if I have to wipe everything out and start off fresh but I dont know how to without getting into windows.
  6. Your original post said that it couldn't pass the chkdsk, in order to boot into windows. Is that still the case? If not, where is it stopping?
  7. yes, original post indcated couldn't pass the chkdsk during bootup. But after i rename the autochkdsk to autochkdskxx, the booting continues as xp could not load the autochkdsk, which hangs. Does the /r switch also uses the autochkdsk? should i rename back the autochkdsk?
  8. renaming won't solve the problem - maybe it is a physical error (your HDD is failing) - If that HDD pause or stop when chkdsk is running I guess it is good to slave that HDD from another computer and copy all important files to a good drive.
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