PLEASE HELP !!! 5.1 audio over SPDIF

Hey guys, I would like to tell you "good to be writing a post again", but... Well, let's say I prefer answering them.

I have a FOXCONN P35A (7.1 Realtek onboard audio) and recently came across a Denon AVR-888 (a gift) Receiver. I will be hooking it via HDMI as soon as I get the money to buy an ATI Radeon 4850, but in the meantime the only choice I have is SPDIF.

So I just connected my PC via a coaxial cable to the digital input of my receiver, but I only get stereo sound. I know there's a way to output compressed 5.1 sound (AC3), but haven't have luck yet.

I mainly use Zoom Player to play my videos and there's an option (ffshow audio decoder) on the output segment that says AC3 over SPDIF (I'm not completely sure, since I'm not home) but when I try that option I end up not having any sound, and if I restart the player, then it's like it doesn't load the decoder anymore, since I can't select it on the decoders list, so I have to open the decoder manually and take away that option, then I restart the player and can select the decoder again.

So please, help me output 5.1 audio to my receiver. I'm not sure if it's my receiver, the software, the hardware or any other config.
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  1. I'm having the same problem, but with an MSI P7N SLI Platinum, so it must be on realtek's end. I've tried drivers from both msi and realtek, but neither helps
  2. OK, after a lot of reading I figured out it's possible, but difficult. Since the onboard audio doesn't convert to dolby digital or dts, it's set to send everything via Stereo PCM, so you have to tell the motherboard not to do so while using a codec that encodes whatever is playing to Dolby Digital.
    The thing is I solved my problem (on Zoom Player) installing the AC3 filter (which does both things at the same time). I have trouble with converting stereo to dolby digital, but my receiver can do that, so no trouble there. The most important thing is that I managed to keep the original encoding of ripped movies with multichannel AC3 (Dolby Digital) audio format and send it to the receiver unaltered. If you (xnem3s1sx) need further information please ask.
    By the way, on there is a lot of useful information, select AC3 Filter and then guides.
    And if somebody knows a way to disable fdshow audio decoder (only the audio decoder not both audio and video) please tell me.
  3. I think I follow, but I'm more concerned about the 5.1 for gaming, rather than for movies, so I don't think this is going to do what I need. Thank you though.
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