Swap OS's with hot swap drives

Hi all,

I'm thinking about building an AMD/cpu system to be used with Ubuntu and WinXP.

My plan was to use a hot-swappable drive as the boot drive. If I wanted to boot WinXP, I'd put that hard disk in the drive bay before powering up. And if I wanted to boot Ubuntu, I'd put the other disk in the drive bay instead.

I don't know how sensitive the motherboard bios will be to using two different disks. (I would get identical disks.)

The advantage of this idea would be to enhance the privacy of the files on the Ubuntu disk. WinXP would never see the Ubuntu disk. (Can you tell that I don't like Microsoft snooping around in my hard drive?)

Has anyone tried this?

Thanks, s/Dave
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  1. well you could get 2 hot swap bays with power switches on them so you don't have to remove the disk

    though this idea works fine (actually i use different disks), i did this on my laptop when i bought a new hdd, one drive is for school work and the other is for developing software
  2. Thanks. I guess I was trying to avoid trying to install switches.
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