No display shown on the screen of the computer even when it is turned on

Initially while playing a movie through vlc player the PS would automatically stop and go blank but when restarted it worked fine for few times.But know the problem is that "No display is shown on the screen of the computer even when it is turned on" but the computer fans and cdrom are functioning properly
What may be the problem please suggest an answer as fast as possible becoz it has some very important docs
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  1. If you take out the drive and install it as a second drive on a working computer, you can drag your personal files off the damaged drive and make a backup of your files onto a thumb drive, DVD, etc...

    or you can have a computer shop do it for you.

    You can load an XP installation disk and do a repair install of the operating system.
    See THIS forum, fourth post from the top for directions. This does not erase your personal files, if you follow the directions carefully.
  2. Do you hear the normal beep when you start it up? If yes, it's a display problem, and you should double check the video cable. If you have dual VGA/DVI ports, try the other port.

    If you don't hear the beep, your PC isn't POSTing. That would most likely point to a PSU problem. Then you'll want to test with a different PSU.
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