Will my motherboard be able to handle the 4870

Here is a link to the motherboard that I own


I bought it around 4 months ago along with an 8800gt, what I'm curious about is if the motherboard which doesn't have PCI x16 2.0 can run the 4870 that has 2.0. If it can does it run it slower than a board that has 2.0 on it, and if it does run it slower, will it be very noticeable or very small?
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  1. it'll run it just fine pci slots and card versions are interchangeable, it may or may not run it a bit slower, but it depends on your cpu, and the resolution you play at, as well as the game. I wouldn't think it'll slow it down too much, but I haven't seen newer tests either.

    we are getting to the point where the cpu's are actually what is slowing down the cards now with the 4870 and 4870x2.
  2. It will run fine
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