Does Tri and Quad Crossfire work under Windows XP?

With Nvidia SLI, only dual SLI is supported under Windows XP. Tri and Quad require Vista.

Does the same old true for ATI Crossfire?

I couldn't find an answer to this here, at ATI's website, or Google. I apologize if I missed it!
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  1. Crossfire only supports 2 cards under Windows XP. Sorry ~
  2. True that. 3 or 4 cards in Crossfire is "CrossfireX" and it's only available on Vista.

    Why are you considering this? From what benchmarks I've seen, CoD4 is the only game where a third card makes a serious difference. Also, in some games, the fourth card makes no difference at all.
  3. Thanks much for the replies, I just wanted to know.
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