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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone can help me identify if my motherboard has a 4x or 8x agp slot. I have an IBM build, Netvista desktop version 8311-D2U.

The info page can be found here about all the hardware:

In short some of the specs are: Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz (512KB), 512MB, 120GB 7200RPM IDE HDD, PCI Microtower (4x5), nVidia GeForce Ti 4200 4x AGP, 40x12x40x CD-RW, 16x DVD-ROM, 56K modem, Intel 10/100 Ethernet, Windows XP Home

I am currently running a Geforce 4 ti 4200 AGP 4x, but am really wanting to upgrade my graphics card. I have my eye on the AGP 8x version of HD3850 card.

I cannot for the life of me discover if my motherboard has an 4x or 8x agp slot. I searched the ibm website over and over and they give extremely lame specs on their mobos.

If anyone has any info about my problem, or if you have had a similar issue I would love some help.

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  1. Here is a link that might help:,63.html

    I think most 8x agp cards are backwards compatible.

    You might run CPU-Z and see what motherboard you are using, and then go to that web site.

    Google " agp diagnostic program".
    There should be some diagnostic programs that test AGP and will give you that info.

    ---good luck---
  2. Intel 845G chipset = AGP 4x (AGP2.0)

    The AGP spec requires AGP 8x cards to be compatible with AGP 4x 1.5V. Generally speaking, the further apart that hardware generations are, the more compatibility problems you can expect to encounter, so don't be too shocked if the HD 3850 doesn't work out. Not to imply its a long-shot, just a higher chance of problems.

    The 185W power supply that shipped with this system may not be up for a card like HD 3850, though.
  3. First of all, all you have to do is google 'agp slots' and do a bit of searching.

    You will not be able to work that 3850 into your rig. It's gonna be bottlenecked like mad and your psu more than likely won't be able to handle it plus your rig. Just get an older 7 series nvidia or something like that. It should work just fine.

    Oh, and with agp, it doesn't matter if you have an 8x card in a 4x slot, it'll still run perfectly fine.
  4. If you get a Radeon 3850 you will need a better power supply. You should also buy some more RAM. Really though for the price of the 3850 AGP, a new PSU, and 2GB of DDR Ram, you may as well just start building a new system.

    You mighnt be able to put in this 1650 AGP without killing your PSU.

    And if you could pull at least a 300W PSU from some crapy computer you mighnt have around maybe you could go with a 3650
  5. Thanks for the inputs.

    Ya i figured I would get abit of flak for trying to shove an HD3850 into the rig lol. I agree that, after purchasing the ram, new psu, and card why not just build a better rig... kinda like throwing money into a pit otherwise.

    Alright so heres where I am. I would like to play Warhammer online without crapping out on fps, tf2, and any 'mid' range graphics type games. I am planning on buying a new comp mid next year so I was just looking to patch this rig until then.

    I am planning on upgrading to 2GB of DDR SDRAM. Probably won't be too picky about the type. As for the graphics, since I'm nerfed by a weaker psu and P4 setup, I will focus on lower range AGP cards.

    So i guess the question I would ask you guys is: will it be better to buy say the 3650 (or something similar... mid-high agp range) and beg borrow and steal a PSU, or would it be best to shoot for an even lower card and leave the PSU alone?

    And again, sorry for not running more AGP slot diagnostics before posting. I determined the mobo with one program but was unable to move further with it... ibm's site is like the nexus of hell. Also trying to learn as I go here.

    thanks for anymore input, really appreciate it.
  6. I would agree with more ram.

    Since upgrading the vga card needs more power, you could use a vga auxiliary psu that fits into a 5.5" front bay.

    It should run the strongest agp vga card that you can buy.

    Still, once you get started on upgrading, it is hard to stop, and when you are done, it would have been better to do a new build in the first place.
  7. agreed... but with the economy who can afford an entire new rig? lol. no seriously im Poor with a capital P. So, the quick patches on this rig... although not the best idea in the long run... will give so much satisfaction in the short run... lol

    thanks for the suggestion on the psu, appreciate it. Would a 450W psu really be required if looking at, say, the HD 3650?
  8. To answer you question correctly inside of giving you a bunch of upgrade bullsh|t, An AGP 4x slot is upwards compatible with 8x AGP cards as well as backwards compatible with 1x and 2x AGP cards.
    If your AGP slot has 2 dividers in the slot, then it is indeed a 4x universal slot which is compatible with all AGP based video cards no matter how old or how new the card is.
    The only draw back about running the 3850 AGP is, your slot can only make the card run at a 4x speed instead of the 8x speed.
    8x is only 2 to 4 frames faster then the 4x speed so if you want that 2 to 4 extra frames a second either overclock your processor or overclock the 3850 or both.

    Don't waste your money on a HD3650 or a new power supply just yet. Coming up in the next couple of months is the 4670 AGP which is a low powered sub $100 card which can be used on systems with a cheap 350Watt PSU. The HD4670 AGP is almost equal to a 3850 but with turbo charged AA performance which is almost as fast as a 3870.
  9. install and run this:

    then you will see all your system specs.
  10. is it really worth waiting for the 4670AGP card considering my P4 2.8ghz will bog it down? I am abit torn now... are there any release dates specified for agp setups?
  11. a2love said:
    is it really worth waiting for the 4670AGP card considering my P4 2.8ghz will bog it down? I am abit torn now... are there any release dates specified for agp setups?
    Not a single board vendor has announced it will do a 4650 or 4670 AGP board. There have been some off-record comments given by anonymous representatives from at least one board vendor indicating they plan to but that it most likely would not ship until Q1/2009. ATI stated it supports the option and has supplied partners with technical guidance on building 4600 AGP boards, but wouldn't confirm if any board partner was planning to.

    4650 would be a better option as it has the same chip that 4670 uses, just lower clock frequencies and/or slower RAM (e.g. GDDR2 v. GDDR3), which should run cooler with slightly less power consumption. But since neither of them exist in AGP and aren't likely to anytime soon, that takes care of that.

    It is difficult to know what is going to run on your PSU. You might have a full 50W to spare or only 20W. I'm not familiar with this system, whether the PSU is a standard ATX or MATX, or proprietary IBM unit. I am confident that your PSU is not going to power something like HD 3850, though.

    You might have a better chance with HD 3650, power consumption of which is around 45W MAX. I just couldn't be sure, though. Performance of HD 3650 is equivalent to or slightly better than HD 2600 PRO in all areas, except 3650 has improved video decoding performance with HD formats. This level would be a fairly massive improvement over GF4 Ti 4200. If you should decide on one of the ATI HD 2xxx or 3xxx boards, ATI produces a special hotfix version of the Catalyst drivers that address some compatibility issues specific to AGP boards. These drivers are not readily accessible from ATI's download pages, but you can find them here:

    Catalyst AGP Hotfix drivers for Radeon HD 2000/3000 boards.
  12. Wow thanks for the researched response. Really good advice there.

    I am not against buying a new psu for the rig to support a graphics card but I think you are right in pointing out the HD 3650's lower power consumption as a bonus.

    Contrasting the two cards, do you think the performance upgrade from the 3850 would be worth buying a new psu? or would it be nerfed by my P4 chip? also the 3850 runs about $70 over the 3650. Im not against picking up the higher card if the cost benefit is worth it. Dunno though. I am not really willing to wait for the 4xxx agp series... i am jonesin to play some WAR lol.

    Anyways, thanks for the help so far really appreciate it.
  13. 3850 will out-perform 3650 on any system, but you won't get your full money's worth from 3850 to a much larger extent than 3650.

    I confirmed your PSU is a semi-proprietary SFX12V jobby, in case you need to replace it. The dimensions are somewhat larger on two sides than SFX12V PSUs, so it shouldn't be too much problem to fit a slightly smaller unit in the same space. You should be able to use SFX12V PSU up to 125(W) x 130(L) x 76(H) in mm. I found this deal on a quality unit that should work:
  14. wow again, thanks abunch. Very helpful.
  15. That is an AGP 4x machine will take an 8x card but only using half the cards power. and AGP 4X slot will accept an 2x and 8x cards but a agp 2x is backwards to a AGP 8x so an AGP 4x card works in all three slots a AGP 2x works in a 4x and 2x slot and an AGP8x card works in only 4x and 8x slot. I hope this helps everyone.
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